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Comparing the factors which influence the development of the internal structure and the functional activities in each of the organisation.

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MEMORANDUM TO: GILL SLATER FROM: Mr Akhtar Esmail Adam DATE: 9TH JANUARY 2008 RE: Comparing the factors which influence the development of the internal structure and the functional activities in each of the organisation. Internal Structure Almost many huge companies build their foundation on the development of the internal structure such as having separate departments or functions such as Human Resource, Finance, and Marketing etc. This can be represented through many ways such as the hierarchical structure in which the head of each department who has the overall control is known as the director. The chain of command- formal distribution of organizational authority is in a hierarchical fashion. ...read more.


So if there are several retailers, Tesco may have to lower the price in an attempt to win over the customers. Competition also helps to maintain and improve customer services such as retailers who provide better and enhanced facilities to their customers will win their loyalty and competition also determines the product range such as developing better resources to satisfy its customers. In terms of Network Rail it could face competition in a different way such as people might decide to travel with other means of transport so Network Rail might need to persuade these people by providing more services frequently. Strategic Plans Most businesses will frequently consider and justify their position. ...read more.


This stage involves looking forward into what opportunities are available as well as meeting the customer needs and look into what they can anticipate in the future? Tesco and Network Rail need to analyse what employees and key stakeholders want so they can have a clear idea of where they need to be in the future as well as setting goals so the business can be associated with it. How the Business is going to get there? This period features planning the objectives and taking any risk decisions in order to move the organisation forward so that they can concentrate moving forward. This is very useful for both Tesco and the Network Rail and very crucial stage as very strong evidences are needed to back up the business such as financially. ?? ?? ?? ?? Akhtar Esmail Adam J35081 ...read more.

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