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Comparing the Link and Carphone Warhouse

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The prices of products in the stores vary. As there are a lot of reasons. One such as added value is sued for the good quality of the phones, or if the business is loosing money so they raise prices. Here are the phones that I will be comparing on prices. 8310 6210 3310 As I found out in this graph, the carphone warehouse has fairly good deals but when it comes to higher ranges of products their prices sail higher than the links. The friendliness of each business is fairly equal. In the link the friendliness was rather friendly. But Compared to the carphone warehouse it was nothing. In the carphone warehouse the will help you find the phone that suits you. I had purchased two mobile phones from the carphone warehouse and when I bought them I was satisfied, so I went off with my two mobile phones. Moments later I turned them on and all it said was 'pin code' and they had not given me any pin code numbers. ...read more.


They also sell hand held computers, ringtones, and mobile phone accessories. The Carphone Warehouse The Carphone Warehouse only sells mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. The business that has the wider range of products is The Link. The Link sells Mobile phones, fax machines, hand held computers, telephones and mobile phone accessories. While The Carphone Warehouse only sell mobile phones and mobile phone accessories. The Carphone Warehouse cannot compete with The Link with fax machines, telephones and hand held computers. But this is also an advantage to the Carphone Warehouse as they can improve more on Mobile phones than anything else. The Carphone Warehouse The special offers in the carphone warehouse are totally amazing. Some of their special offers include: Buying a brand new Samsung mobile phone and getting a free DVD player, free phones and some phone prices lowered. This is how The Carphone Warehouse gets a lot of their sales through special offers. The Link The Link has got just plain simple offers such as lowering prices. ...read more.


On the other hand The Link has a wider range of products and is a little bit friendlier than The Carphone Warehouse. They both could do with improvements but as I said the Carphone Warehouse stays top. The Carphone Warehouse and The Link have both advertisements on television that are fairly good. The Link The Link has fairly good advertisements on television but they can get rather boring. Most of it shows the staff members of other stores around the UK, which make it a kind of boring advertisement. The Link does not advertise on advertisement boards. (If they do I haven't seen any) The Carphone Warehouse The Carphone Warehouse have wicked advertisements on television. The advert shows an old mobile phone that is bored, and then dreams of going to The Carphone Warehouse and getting all these new covers and ringtones. The advert is good quality and is of high standards. The Carphone do advertise with advertisement boards, the same theme as the television advertisements about an old mobile phone. They also do radio advertisements. The company that has the best advertisements is The Carphone Warehouse. ...read more.

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