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comparison of two companies

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Contents 1- Introduction 2 2- Compare and Contrast 2 3- Conclusion 5 4- Bibliography 6 COMPARISON OF CHARLES HANDY AND MICHEAL PORTER Introduction In the modern age, when nature of management science is changing rapidly, ideas and work of few are helping the organizations and individuals to cope with these changes. They are the people who laid the foundation of modern management studies, and are known as management gurus. Among the few top management gurus Charles Handy and Michael Porter are the one who had the lasting influence on management thought and writing. Both are unique in their own fields in many ways. My aim is to compare and contrast the ideologies, work, and style of these two leading management gurus. Comparison & Contrast Charles Handy is an eminent management guru who has delivered insightful and humorous analysis of the management task for many years .He has developed great thinking and writing on management, arts, culture, business ethics. His writings are inspiring - philosophical, passionate, lively, enlightening Refreshing, thought-provoking, challenging and interesting to read. ...read more.


and his book Inside Organizations(1999), Handy represented him self as a great modern commentator who sees far beyond the world of business. In another work The Hungry Spirit - beyond Capitalism: a Quest for Purpose in the Modern World (1998), he examines the self-limiting nature of materialist capitalism, the problems caused by efficiency, and the false certainties of science and religion. Where as the writings of the American management-guru and Harvard-Professor Michael E-Porter are also considered to be among the most influential of their subject and among the most critiqued ones. He had a lasting influence on strategic management with his books about competitive advantages on industry level and on global level, which were written in the eighties .Porter's models like the Five Competitive Forces, the Value Chain or Porters Diamond have become standard equipment of the manager's toolbox. His most of the work based on empirical evidence, and his prime focus is on micro economic analysis. He has got a unique style of transfusing his concepts or ideas to people .As William Hoffman in The Doric Column describes porter's style in these words, "I had seen how his energy and enthusiasm conspire to transfuse his ideas into his audience. ...read more.


He advised foreign governments on their economic policies and headed a U.S. presidential commission The Competitive Advantage of Nations(1990) develops a new theory of how nations, states, and regions compete and their sources of economic prosperity. His ideas in this book have guided economic policy throughout the world and spurred his innovative and highly regarded work on inner-city competitiveness. Handy also helps foreign governments like Singapore and Bangkok to make effective economic policies and worked with them as a consultant. Conclusion In my opinion, ideas and work of both management gurus are important in their own fields. As Handy put emphasis on making structural changes in 21st century organization in order to coupe with the diverse eonomic and business conditions. where as porter's models and theories which are bassed on the empirial research of eighties but they still prove as a milestone in the micro economic analysis. Handy and Porter ways of getting information is very different, as Handy focuses mostly on his personal experiences whereas porter source of information is empirical research in most of the cases. ...read more.

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