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Competitiveness in training, and within Human Resources at Tesco

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Competitiveness in training, and within Human Resources at Tesco Training and development are of greater importance than before. Employees using brain power and knowledge are very valuable to Tesco and add value to products. Tesco by giving training and development add value to their products and have a competitive advantage over their competitors. This is true for the economy as well as Tesco and its competitors. The government have placed a vital importance on education, training, and development particularly on ICT and communications technology. Tesco offer opportunities for jobs and the economy rests upon the flexible working practises employed within service and knowledge based industries. Tesco want to keep their employees and want them to be satisfied in their job, because students are hired as a main percentage Tesco don't want to lose them, when say the student may want to go to university they can find them a job wherever they are moving, and send someone from there to their current store, a job swap. This is competitive as no other store does this. Tesco being an intelligent organisation recognise that their strength and the strength of their balance sheets comes from the intellectual capital rather than physical capital. The brainpower which is vitally needed to have a competitive business enables Tesco to identify customer needs and requirements. ...read more.


Asda and a few other supermarkets offer a similar service, but Tesco was one of the market leaders, and offers it at the lowest cost rate than other competitors, attracting customers away from more expensive websites. This is important to Human Resources within Tesco as it shows that there is a lack of delivery service within a 3 mile radius which may need recruitment. Tesco also offers other banking and useful services such as Pet Insurance and Tesco calltime which have proved most popular with Tesco and other supermarkets such as Sainsbury's. Although Tesco was one of the companies that pioneered this other companies such as Somerfield have followed suit proving that it is indeed popular and gave Tesco a competitive advantage while other companies had to reactively start their own up. The internet is also a cost efficient and effective way of advertising which Tesco utilizes on it's website to make money, and to show it's promotions online, which was an advantage which some supermarkets were slow to utilize like the Co-operative Supermarket Chain Rainbow. One of the main ways in which businesses maintain a competitive edge is through extensive market research and 'continually studying the needs of our customers and change to suit that need.' To carefully identify those who are potential or existing customers is vital to ensure a competitive advantage will be long lasting and targeted at the correct consumer group for maximum effect. ...read more.


Human Resources realise this and have to make sure that to keep ahead of competition that they have the correct number of staff who are trained to the best of their ability, and that they plan ahead to maintain their status of competition within the industry. To make sure that Tesco's employees have the greatest knowledge and skills of their job role Training and Development make sure that work is carried out at a good speed and to efficient standards. If a cashier has the knowledge of the location of objects within the store it will give customers good satisfaction as well as the knowledge that they can return and have good till service, this will evidently maximise the number of sales Tesco will have, gaining a higher market share within the food market, and gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals. Recruitment and selection must ensure that their employees are capable of their job role and that they hardworking employees, they do this during the recruitment and selection process when hired through a detailed job specification and job description. Tesco's employees give a good service and this leads them to have a good reputation for food and quality, and great customer service. By giving a better service than rival companies such as Waitrose it is likely that customers will return giving Tesco a competitive advantage over their rivals. ...read more.

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