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Competitors in the market

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Sekariya Sultan Task 6 Business Studies Competitors 1. Name: Stork Removals - www.storkremovals.co.uk Address of Competitor: Stork Removals 15 Hazelwood Road Enfield EN1 1JG Products Offered By Competitor: Removals, Storage, Packing (full packing, part-packing and materials only service) Features of Customer Services: 0800 number, Free Insurance cover, Free Estimates, Free expert advice, Contact via telephone, fax or email. Quality of Service Offered By Competitor: Member of Road Haulage Association. A representative of Stork Removals will visit the customer at home in order to provide an accurate quotation. Stork Removals estimators visit at a time convenient to the customer, including evenings and at the weekends. Customer's goods are automatically covered during loading, unloading and transportations. All staff employed by Stork Removals, are fully trained. All staffs wear the company's uniform and are easily recognisable. Stork Removals has a modern fleet of vehicles ranging from 3.5 Tonnes Luton vans to large furniture vans to cope wit any size of removals. Marketing and Promotion: Provides testimonials on their website, has name of business and contact details on their removals vehicles listed in the yellow pages with details of their services. ...read more.


Features of Customer Service: 0800 number, free insurance cover, free no obligation quotation can be done online or over the phone, free expert advice, contact via telephone, fax or email, full range of packing options to meet customers' needs, open-ended contract on storage. Quality of Service Offered by Competitor: Members of the British Association of Removers (BAR), Members of the National Guild of Removers and stores (NGRS) staff are efficient and courteous. A representative will visit the customer at home to discuss what the customer require, Office removals teams consists of experienced furniture removers and IT packers Modern 24 hour manned secure storage units Marketing and Promotion: Listed in the yellow pages with details of their service 4. Name: Easy Shift - www.Easyshift.co.uk Address of Competitor: 106, Priory Rd, London, N8 7HR Products Offered By Competitor: Removals, Self- Storage, Packing Features of Customers Services: Free quotes. Either personally, over the phone or via email. Free goods in transit insurance with all work performed to �10,000. Easy payment methods, Contact via telephone or email, free word robe boxes for all moves, free advice, Weekend and bank holidays office relocation, boxes can be provided on a sale or return basis and any unused boxes collected on the day of moving. ...read more.


warehouse are under 24-hour security surveillance utilizing CCTV technology > Show association that their part of > Office removals teams consists of experienced furniture removers and IT packers Modern 24 hour manned secure units > Customers can check packaging price list on their website or ask staff to recommend how many boxes the job will require > All goods are safely stored and fully insured whilst in storage > Flexible solutions to individual relocation requirements, provides top 10 tips on removals on their website. Customer Service > Free Insurance cover > 0800 number > Free expert advice > Contact via telephone, fax or email > Provide consultants to work with customers to design and implement a relocation plan customized to their individual needs that is cost effective, efficient and stress free > Provide a free quotation page on their website where customers can fill in their details of what they are moving and where they want to move. > Free quotes > Free goods in transit insurance with all work performed to �10,000 > Weekend and bank holidays office relocation Price Falconi Removals have to find this information themselves e.g. Mystery shoppers ...read more.

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