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Conflict role play. The role play task we had given includes five characters which are Production manager, Foreman, Store-keeper, Union leader and Co-worker

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Introduction We had been given a task of preparing a role play which will be held in class, the role play should include a conflict and how will it be solved. In the following report they will be a summary of the role play, what are the causes of role play and how to deal with it in a professional way Summary of Role play Role play refers to playing of roles generally such as in a theater, or educational setting. We had been given a task of making a role play which is an act of conflict in a work place. The role play task we had given includes five characters which are Production manager, Foreman, Store-keeper, Union leader and Co-worker We were group of five, each one of us decided to be one of the characters. The following is the character of each one of us: (Role 1) Production manager Salim Saif Al Hajri (Role 2) Foreman Khalfan Rashid Al Busaidi (Role 3) Store-keeper Bashair Al shuaili . ...read more.


The Co-worker (Ahmed ) was against what the store-keeper (bashair) was saying, the union leader (najma) was trying to defend the store-keeper (bashair) by her saying that the co-worker (Ahmed) is here just to help the foreman ( Kalfan) so that he could be promoted to a higher level, the manager (Salim) felt that the union leader (najma) offended him by her being rude and trying to show that she had more power in this situation, the manager worn the union leader to watch what she is saying because he felt offended by her showing that she has more power than him. The foreman (Khalfan) requested to the manager (Salim) that its better for each one of us should get a warning letter and the union leader (Najma) should write a apology letter to apologies to the manager (Salim) as she was trying to act like she has got the power and disrespected him. ...read more.


Conflict in a workplace also does only effect those who are directly involved it also involves the team within they are working which is why it is a good idea to get it sorted. The same case in the role play, the lack of communication between the foreman (Khalfan) and the store-keeper (bashair) lad this to a conflict, it started by the lack of the foreman (Khalfan) misunderstanding that the store-keeper (bashair) has no power in the delivery of the stock that had been ordered while it's the suppliers mistake of not getting the stock in time. The foreman (Khalfan) didn't give the store-keeper (Bashair) a chance to explain her situation while he was just shouting at her. Consequences of conflict Unresolved conflict often leads to an atmosphere of hostility, irritability and rudeness, and is a major cause of escalating stress in the workplace environment. The unwanted and unproductive side-effects on employees working within such a system can include: * Increased depression * Decreased productivity * Reduced quality of work * Lateness for work * Inappropriate sick leave * Absenteeism. ...read more.

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