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Conflicts between Human Resources Functions - Next

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Human Resources Functions E5 * Conflicts between Human Resources Functions: The order in which conflicts can be identified: HR Planning> Recruitment and Selection> Training and Development> Performance Management. Conflicts can occur if employees fail to work hard enough to meet certain objectives. Employees go through various stages to being employed. The HR team plans whether or not they need to employ or how many they should. Then it is up to the recruitment and selection team to try and find suitable candidates by using different procedures and techniques to find the best one. Then once the employees have been recruited they would be given training and the team would try to develop them to do the job efficiently. Then employee's performance would be monitored constantly to see if they are coping well in the organization or not. ...read more.


These conflicts would be essential to avoid and Next try to avoid these by investing heavily in each procedure in order for the system to work and find the perfect employee. By doing this they would prefer to get it right first time rather than waste time later on and this would also avoid any sort of conflict. It is essential that Next avoid any sort of Conflict, however this is not that easy, because if one resources team may not be doing their job properly then it is virtually impossible to avoid. When conflicts arise, the first line of communication for staff on job-related matters is your supervisor. Discussions with your supervisor usually can solve problems that may develop and often leads to a better working relationship. ...read more.


It is usually better to air grievances in the open than to let them fester. * Speak to the other team calmly, politely and rationally. Focus on the situation and facts, avoiding gossip and personal attacks. * Be careful not to express hostility in your posture, facial expression or tone. Be assertive without being aggressive. * Listen what the other Functions team carefully: What are they trying to say? Be sure that you understand their position. * Express interest in the other teams statements. It can acknowledge their ideas without necessarily agreeing or submitting. Saying, "We understand that you feel this way. Here's how we feel," provides the needed acknowledgment. * Communicate clearly what it is that you want, offering positive suggestions and recommendations. * Speak to your Managers or shareholders if a problem with arises and seriously threatens your work - but avoid whining. Unit 4 Human Resources Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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