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Conflicts between the functions.

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Conflicts between the functions There's always bound to be conflict between employees, even if they are working for the same organisation. The main reason for this is the different cultures that coexist within a company. The culture is a set of values and beliefs that are shared by people and groups within an organisation. Nearly all companies have cultures to a certain extent including Albright, however this doesn't mean they all have strong culture. It has been said that those companies that demonstrate a strong company culture are the ones destined to succeed, which is why it is so important for people working within one organisation to follow the same culture. The problem then occurs when everyone working within the company doesn't share these certain cultures. The fact still remains that different people have different interests, so there's always going to be a difference of opinion, therefore the way these cultures are interpreted by individual people will be different. Albright generally runs their company using a mix of paternalistic and autocratic; therefore it is extremely important that when they make that decision to recruit new staff they employ people who are able to fit in with the company's culture. ...read more.


The way in which you manage people, could lead to conflict, which again stresses the importance of the recruitment process, it is vital you employ the people that you know will listen to instructions. Areas that are generally in conflict when talking about managers and their sub-ordinates are: * Rates of pay- employees may have the priority of the business at heart, when paying their employees in order to keep competitive, whereas unions may attempt to maximise the employees' reward. Another area which would cause conflict is of employers had a performance related pay scheme, which Albrights do, the problem that arises from this would be the fact that they would have to be extremely fair when assessing the performance of their employees (which is what they aim to do in the future rather than monitor them on things such as attendance, attainment and punctuality) but generally employees will feel as though they have been singled out, or they aren't being paid as much as they should, or they may not work as hard as their employers expect as they believe the reward is to little. But the main thing to consider when looking at pay, is the fact that there has been an equal pay act that has been passed which eliminates discrimination in the workplace. ...read more.


For example if Albright was full of white males, who had no disabilities and were totally well, then that would create conflict as someone working within HR who is trying to prevent discrimination will have something to say about that fact. It is very important that performance management is done fairly, in order for conflict not to arise, this can be in terms of appraisal because if it seems as though one employee is favoured over the other, then it won't have a good outcome. The main thing identified with conflict is the fact that it has an overall bad effect on the company. Although competition makes everyone work harder, it always ends badly in the end with competitiveness changing to conflict. Therefore it's vital for employers to ensure they behave in a way in which it is clear to see that each and every employee is treated fairly. And if you do demonstrate a strong corporate culture everyone understands it and at the same time works towards achieving the same goal. If conflict within the workplace were to be solved it would make so many things better and lead to higher level of productivity, because it is said that a happy worker is generally a more productive worker. ...read more.

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