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Consider the argument that the identification and management of knowledge resources is crucial to the development of cost-effective HR management."

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HRMG 2101 Human Resource Management Wilkowska, I Assignment: 2 P05244079 Ijaabo Guleed Tutorial: Tuesday BH4.7 Word count: 2000 "Consider the argument that the identification and management of knowledge resources is crucial to the development of cost-effective HR management." Introduction This essay will explores the notion whether the contention that the identification and management of knowledge resources is crucial to the development of cost-effective HR management. The question whether Human resources management, they should implemented knowledge resources, in order to assure that the department and organisation will run effectively and efficient. Human Resource's business is based on recruit, retain and manage people. And therefore business need make efficient use of HR management because they are crucial to the financial development of their organisation. Because of that Human resources should need to look the recruiting aspect as they are required to recruit people who have to correct orientation and correct attitude, who willing to conform to the company's systems and who also willing to interact and contribute in to the joint productivity. In selecting the right employees, organizations take note of several factors; however, positive work attitudes and technical skills appear to be the most prioritized qualities needed from employees in general (Rowden, 2004). It is very important for organisation to hire the most talented people to fit in to their system and use that particular talent to their advantage. Few people would argue with the fact that employees are very important for the effective operation of a company. ...read more.


The human resources management needs resources, there is need to have for organisation for tangible resources and intangible resources and one most important and cost effective intangible asses that company can have would be knowledge resources. Peter Drucker said in his famous book Post-Capitalist Society, "the most important resource is no longer labour, capital or land; it is knowledge". So knowledge is the most important asset. Knowledge resources can provide internal network of learning and capability of providing learning opportunity in to the organisation. Human resources management are therefore compelled to identity and have leading role in the knowledge resources. Once you have determined the knowledge that HR management need, the next step to identify where knowledge resources is be a feature of and how to keep. To define what cost-effective HR management, we need to look at what makes cost effective to an organisation and what cost effective Hr management means to a business. For Human resources management if it is to be cost effective add value and is able to stand against changing business circumstances. It need to review innovative techniques yet practical alternatives and logically show HR management's in contributing to business performance, further more to be cost effective HR management needs to turn their cost into valuable assets. The knowledge resources increase HR management in values, as more and more employees use them and also provide a valuable opportunity to integrate knowledge in a way that enriches that the quality of the assessment making through out the whole organisation. ...read more.


As Johnson (2002) states it shall create such environment, where management are willingly take full advantage of the overall intellectual asset of the company. The problem is that much knowledge is rooted in the human mind and can only be retrieved with its holder's consent and free will. That is why the organisations need to set up specific human resource method to motivate people to go the extra mile to achieve company's objective. Conclusion Through out the conceptual frame of this essay, it was inevitable that the centre of attention was to be found in a sequence of different aspects. Nevertheless, the crucial point was to provide evidence of reference and to demonstrate that management of knowledge resources is crucial to the development of cost-effective HR management. This essay also showed that a knowledge resource is a challenging aspect of human resource management, both for the company and to the employees. To conclude, this paper has shown an application of what was learned on subject of knowledge which focused on the field of human resources and how it affects the learning they are together. In conclusion, suggests that, in order to acquire meaningful learning in the context of a knowledge resources program focusing on the organisation, the set of courses must focus on knowledge construction. On the other hand, content must not adopt the principles of reproduction, reception or inactive learning, repetition, competition, and prescription. Moreover, this paper suggests the importance of knowledge resources to HR management. Through this combine force organisation will be result in improved individual employees and a stronger workforce. ...read more.

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