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Consistent and reliable customer service

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Consistent and reliable customer service Scope of job role Employees or staff in a business should know how to solve a straightforward problem quickly and ask their supervisor if the problem becomes complex or if it is outside their authority. Knowledge of products/services It is impossible for the employee to know each and every detail of the product or service which the business is providing; therefore it is important to know where to find the information such as catalogue, brochure or online database. Type and quality of products/services Employees or staff should know what to sell and to which customer. If an employees or staffs are selling an expensive product or complex service they should be able to give information on their best buys or the most reliable supplier depending upon their knowledge and the feedbacks from the customers. ...read more.


Being aware of the timing means arranging appointment, phone calls or deliveries; promises made to the customers should not be made if it not possible to be met. Accessibility Customers get irritated when the product or service they want is not available for some reason. This could have happened if the product has sold out or a room in the hotel is fully booked. In such circumstances it is important to sympathise with the customer's disappointment and try to help them by passing on the information to the employer. Meeting specific customer needs To meet the customer's needs, a business must first identify the needs by talking to the customers and providing the range of goods and services that they need, then take feedbacks to whether it meets the expectations of the customer. ...read more.


Confirming service meets needs and expectations Sensible businesses try to keep their customers satisfied with the service or product they purchased. A useful way to do this is by sending a 'customer happy calls'. The quick follow-up phone call checks that all of the customer's needs and expectations were met. Taking feedbacks of the service or product can also check if the expectations were met. Dealing with problems There are many different problems that a business will have to deal with. Each and every problem must be priority to the business and must be done appropriately. To do this the following steps must be taken: 1. Letting the customer talk without interrupting, 2. Checking that the information the employee giving is right, 3. Doing the best to help, 4. Referring the problem to a supervisor if it is serious. ...read more.

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