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coping with change

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Coping with change Having changes are normal, because they should be anticipated at all times. Most of the changes happen in the environment as well as in any business, because businesses are in the environment: e.g. businesses don't operate isolated and are affected by any of the changes that occur in the internal and external part of any other businesses or organisations. Changes that occur in any businesses environment can affect that business as well: * Aims and Objectives: Depending on the type of change that is happening in the environment, the aims and objectives of a business can be changed to something else. It can bring about a huge change in the aims of the business, or it can have a slight change in the objectives of the business. * Customers: The age of a targeted market can also be affected by some of the changes that occur in the environment, because if food price goes up then the business will have to put their menu food prices up too, and that will lead to less customers coming into the business. ...read more.


Other businesses which don't expect the changes to happen might not react very well when the changes occur and the changes will be a threat to them. Some of the main types of changes that can happen in a business environment are: * Political * Economical * Social * Technological changes The following table will show the changes that occurring in Emni restaurant and how the business could react to those changes that happen and in some cases I will suggest some ideas of what Emni restaurant can do to improve the reaction that they take. The type of Change What effect does This have? How Emni reacts To it Any suggestions Political The government wants businesses, including restaurants, to pay for the amount of rubbish they make by buying bin bags which will then contain the restaurants rubbish. This saves money, because the money that the government are making out of this scheme goes towards the country's welfare. ...read more.


Emni has the latest software that it will need to be up to date. They should try and add more choices of foods for their customers and they should ask if they liked their food as well. Emni needs to conduct research on technology and carefully choose the types of machines, and computers of other methods of technology need to improve such as new software and programme. Looking at the changes that have occurred and the evidence that I have collected, I have come to a conclusion. I think that Emni is responsible and cope well with the changes and try new things to achieve all this. They keep their customers happy by making adjustments to their menus. This is what makes Emni successful, and an accepted company. Emni have also responded to their changes in a very knowledgeable way. They have tried really hard to accomplish their objectives to reach their short term goal and try to get to their mid term goal and long term goals, and their aims and objectives. Wahida Begum 11T ...read more.

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