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Copthorne Hotel - Department Analysis

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Copthorne Hotel - Department Analysis Finance The finance department at the Copthorne Hotel is extremely important to the running of the hotel. Some of the finance operations are carried out within the hotel and some are centrally carried out. For example: Overall accounts, balance sheets for the whole company, Annual reports and break even analysis area all carried out centrally. These are all done centrally to reduce the amount of pressure on the individual hotels and to make sure that they have al the information sorted instead of waiting or the individual hotels to send all of the information to the central office. Here are a few more jobs that are carried out centrally. * Compilation of the Financial section of the annual report * Obtaining capital and resources for bulk purchases for all of the hotels regionally * Identifying start up costs * Identifying running costs * Preparing business plans if hotels need to borrow money * Paying salaries of the management team The finance department within the hotel carries out the simple jobs like paying invoices, preparing guest accounts and paying wages for staff (casual staff etc). Here are a few more jobs that the finance department within the hotel has to handle: * Purchasing orders * Monitoring expenditure (gas, electricity etc) to make sure the hotel stays within its budget Each finance department (centrally and locally) has 5 main jobs. They are as follows: Finance Manager, Cost Controller, Accounts Clerk, Salaries Clerk and several Accounts staff who monitor all of the other departments to make sure they do not go over their budget. The finance department would not be able to operate properly without the required staff and each person is equally important. How Finance helps the Copthorne to meet it's aims and objectives The finance department is one of the most important departments in the hotel. The finance department manages all of the money that comes in and goes out of the hotel, so without the money that the finance department gives them, many departments would not be able to operate properly. ...read more.


Jobs in Administration There are four main job sectors within Administration, they are: * Housekeeping Manager - Overlooks the housekeeping management. They must make sure that all of the housekeeping rules are kept to and that the standards are met 100% of the time. * Restaurant & Bar staff - This sector consist of Manager, Deputy Managers, Wine Waiters and casual waiters for functions. * Maintenance - Four engineers, one must have a background in engineering and must have an engineering qualification. * Reception Staff - Manager overseeing shift work of 8/10 staff working on a rota system. Th reception must be manned 24 hours of the day in case room service is requested, if there is an emergency or if guest arrive during the night. How Administration can help the Copthorne to meet its aims and objectives They have to make sure that the invoices issued to customers are correct and all items are included on the final bill. This will help the to be consistent with receiving customer payments on time with the correct amount of money. They must make sure that the staffing quality is excellent in the restaurant & bar. This will keep the customers happy, which in turn will persuade them to come back again. This will boost the Copthorne's profit. They have to make sure that a wide range of food is available at all times. This will give the customer more choice, which will keep the happy, encouraging them to spend more. They have to make sure that the staff within the budget, because if they go over their budget it will lose the Copthorne money. They have to make sure that the housekeeping manager and their staff keep an eye on the linen. If they do this they can make sure that no linen is going missing. This will save the Admin department money if they don't have to keep paying for new linen. ...read more.


They will then be able to improve every department so that it runs perfectly, which in turn will bring them more custom in the long run. Evaluation The Copthorne Hotel has a very reputation for outstanding service, impeccable staff and good cleanliness. To maintain these, the departments within the hotel need to work together to make sure the hotel runs smoothly. After looking through the information I collected from my visit to the Copthorne, I have noticed that many of the departments are very well organised. I have also noticed that the departments work effectively with each other to make sure that the Aims & Objectives are met. As the Copthorne Hotel has high standards that always have to be met, it puts extra pressure on the departments. If the following work together efficiently then Aims & Objectives will be met: * Finance & Administration - All of the other departments know notices and information about budgets, ASAP. * Finance & Marketing - All of the other departments know when their budgets will be received as Marketing may print notices or posters. The finance department will also know how much custom is being made from the advertising posters etc. * Finance & Sales - The finance department will know what is being spent, hat money is being brought in from sales of merchandise etc. * Marketing & Administration - If the Administration team work hard and keep the staff happy, the marketing department wont have to sell hotel as much. Changes I think could be made * The first thing I would add is a multi-department meeting at the end of every week. This would allow the departments to analyse the week's performance to see if they could improve anything within the hotel. * I would try and allocate certain days/weeks for certain people. For Example: a week special for families. This would bring in extra money, or a week for couples. This would make a boost to profits as it would be a 'one off' special. ?? ?? ?? ?? Applied Business - 1 - ...read more.

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