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Corporate Human Resources - Hackney.

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2003/04 SERVICE PLAN FOR CORPORATE HUMAN RESOURCES This plan sets out the key aims and activities of the Corporate Human Resources service during 2003-04 and in particular how the service will support the achievement of the 2020 Vision for the borough and the other corporate objectives agreed by the Council, which are to: * Make sure the Council works properly and efficiently * Involve the public in what we are doing to get better * Improve opportunities and quality of life in the borough and promote social inclusion 1. OUTLINE OF THE SERVICE 1.1 Corporate Human Resources is managed by the Assistant Chief Executive (Human Resources), a member of the Core Management Team, who is responsible for ensuring the council's compliance with employment legislation. The purpose of the HR function is to work in partnership with managers to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our workforce in order to support the council's business strategy and achieve excellence in service delivery 1.2 The components of the Corporate HR function are: � Strategic human resource management Develops a strategic framework that provides direction for the organisation in order to optimise employee productivity and achieves continuous improvement in the context of best value. Sets standards of best practice ensuring consistency of approach to create one organisation. Provides both guidance and input into operational HR functions. Provides the tools to drive up performance and productivity and drive down sickness absence. Works in partnership with employee representatives in order to create and embed a positive and constructive industrial relations environment that achieves service excellence. Development and implementation of procedures and guidelines to ensure managers work towards a productive employee relations culture. � Learning and organisational development Develops and introduces strategies, policies and programmes to develop the capability of the council, its Members and employees to successfully implement business objectives and priorities. Establishes a competency based performance management approach to become a learning organisation, bring about culture change and to harness and extend the knowledge, skills and experience of all those within the council in pursuit of service excellence. ...read more.


Implement programme ? Monitor Implementation ? Evaluate programme ? Implement programme ? Monitor Implementation ? Evaluate programme ? Prepare for strategic assessment of the council ? Audit standard to ensure continuous improvement and compliance in meeting IIP standard ? Implement programme ? Monitor Implementation ? Evaluate programme ? Implement programme ? Monitor Implementation ? Evaluate programme 4.2 Ensuring staff performs to high standards. Embed performance management to increase productivity, tackle under performance and achieve service improvements. Embed competency-based performance appraisals in the organisation. 4.3 Tackling poor performance. Reducing sickness absence levels to 9 days by 2005 and embedding an attendance culture in the organisation. Reviewing and embedding capability framework. 4.4 Equality of opportunity in recruitment and employment practices. Monitoring of corporate Equalities Plan and Equalities Scheme. 5. ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE USE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY 5.1 HR are addressing the following corporate objectives: * New financial management systems - by procuring a corporate HR Information System. This will be a single point of data entry to payroll for starters/leavers and absence recording to remove the current problem of overpayments to staff and leavers caused by processes being paper-based and difficult to enforce. * Consistent records are kept and procedures followed by - � HR Standards and Frameworks giving a clear guide to managers on recording staff attendance and maintaining personal files, � Maintaining a cost centre validation tool introduced to prevent staff being placed on payroll without a valid cost code, � Developing and implementing an Establishment Post number system for all staff to ensure only valid members of staff are being paid. * Ensuring budget holders manage their budgets - by issuing guidelines on verifying appropriate staff are on the payroll and paid at the correct scale. HR has local monitoring systems, which are reconciled to the general ledger every month. The ACE (HR) hold weekly budget meetings with the HR management team to identify and tackle potential areas of risk. ...read more.


Performance Management Framework * Rolling programme to March 2004 Lead Chief Officer - Terry McDougall Project Officer - Keith Miller To embed Health and Safety Performance Management Framework To increase awareness, skills and ability of managers To implement Risk Assessments and meet HSE standards for statutory reporting Equalities Action Plan * To provide a framework for monitoring equalities actions plans to achieve level 2 standard by March 2004 * To convene and facilitate a programme of race scrutiny group meetings quarterly * To convene and facilitate the corporate employment tribunals scrutiny panel monthly Lead Chief Officer - Terry McDougall Project Officer - Julie Amory Achieving level 2 of the Local Government Equalities Standard Five year equality action plan progressed towards removal on NDN A reduced number of ET's and lessons learnt arising from claims implemented Organisation Planning To provide a framework for TUPE transfer & monitor transfer implementation plans by Directorate, providing corporate reports June, Oct & Jan 2003/4 Lead Chief Officer - Terry McDougall Project Officer - Pam Case To embed new TUPE framework guidance & revised organisational change framework and monitor transfer effectiveness Corporate HR Marketing & Communications Strategy To raise profile and awareness of Corporate & local HR initiatives. To improve operational HR management at local levels * Establish Bi - monthly Corporate HR News & Information bulletin & interactive website by end of April 2003 (Website) * Establish & deliver HR & Employment law briefing sessions programme for managers and HR community by end of May 2003. Programme to run from June 2003 - March 2004 Lead Chief Officer - Terry McDougall Project Officer - Lorraine Robinson Develop & implement HR website. Update website news and information and monitor and respond to interactive website (including posting HR local BVPI's) Produce and deliver 5 news bulletins for 2003/4 Produce and deliver a programme of joint briefing sessions on HR initiatives and changes in employment legislation. Appendix Three - Statutory Plans and other key documents PLAN WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT (inc. ...read more.

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