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Costa Del Sol

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Tourism in Costa del Sol Costa del Sol lies on the southern flank of Spain; it is a stretch of a hundred and fifty kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches, which attract millions of tourists. This gem is extremely popular because of its warm climate, coupled with beaches, which are dotted with luxurious hotels and numerous tourist activities. However, during the 80's tourism had reached its breaking point, causing environmental problems. This forced the government to take drastic measures, so Costa del Sol could become a sustainable tourist industry. When tourism first sprung up, in the 1960's, it left the region awash with money. As the numbers of tourists increased every year, so did the number of jobs for the locals. By the end of the 80's, more than seventy percent of locals earned from the tourist industry. (Waugh 151) Tourism made Costa del Sol very recognizable, causing even much-anticipated visits. However, by the end of the 1980's the tourist industry had caused immense environmental damages. ...read more.


This automatically, increased the unemployment rate, which directly brought loss to the 70 percent of locals who had dropped out of fishing settlements, to work in the industry. ("Costa del Sol" Wikipedia) The farmers, who had once provided countless amounts of supplies, had been forced to use irrigation (nearly 30%) just to sustain their crops. (Waugh 151) Nothing had been booming during the 1990's in Costa del Sol, which had been transformed into a dump yard, causing all property values to decrease, in other words the country had been corrupted by mass tourism. The government by the 90's had realized that there was a problem and therefore embarked on a plan for a sustainable tourist industry, and their first step was to opt out of the mass market, into the specific high spending section. Before any changes were made, their number one goal had been to clean up the beaches, which would help the environment as well as provide jobs. The government had also instructed to only built luxurious hotel, whose VAT would be reduced by six percent. ...read more.


Several eco- friendly tours like Ashoka have been opened to make a difference in the local's lives. One of the main operators, Ashoka, plan tours to villages, where the tourists and locals live together and help each other overcome problem using their knowledge. ("TWC-MTP") I think that this is hugely effective way for locals not to fully depend on tourism and actually get benefits from it. The government had done very well to recover from the massive complications that tourism had brought, and were still able to conserve many villages, which weren't largely effected by tourism. These villages are now known as the 'White villages'. ("Costa del sol") During the 1980's tourist number reached the breaking point, causing immense environmental damage to this tourist haven. This drastic damage to the area, largely affected the number of tourists arrivals. The government during the 90's had no option but to make Sevier changes, so Costa del Sol could begum a sustainable tourist industry. According to me, the government had made thoughtful decisions, which mostly had positive impacts on the region that classified it as a sustainable tourist industry. ...read more.

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