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Critically evaluate the role of marketing within an organisation's corporate environment

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CRITICALLY EVALUATE THE ROLE OF MARKETING WITHIN AN ORGANISATION'S CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT Companies have been assisting for a few years now to a great amount of changes within the marketplace, partly due to the establishment of the European Market, the mondialisation and the globalisation of the commercial exchanges. Competition has been broadened to the worldwide level and this opening to a wider and more competitive market has led companies to engage a fierce race to gain or retain market shares and to increase the consumption level of their products (Colgate & Danaher, 2000). The use of marketing has become an essential part of the corporate global strategy and it plays an essential role within the firm's mission and corporate planning activities (Brooksbank et al., 1999). It is generally used to assess and to broaden the company's understanding of its environment (with for example PEST and SWOT analysis) in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses, to build strong relationships with the consumer and to be able to face intense competition to meet the company's objectives. To resume, marketing is the stronguest tool to adapt the company and its products to the market, to respond quickly and flexibly to the changes in the company's environment, and its main role is to differentiate its products and to use branding and relationship marketing in order to stay competitive. ...read more.


Lloyds TSB bank for example keeps doing market researches in order to understand its consumers' needs and to assess their satisfaction of the products and services it offers, in order to understand their expectations and to eventually bring changes to unsatisfying areas of its business and to prevent its consumers to switch to another bank. It is all about building trust and commitment on both sides. This is defined by Romano & Ratnatunga (1995) and by Webster & Frederick (1992) as "Marketing as a culture", and it relates to the ablity of an organization to assess market attractiveness (by analysing customer needs and competitive offerings in the marketplace) and potential competitive effectiveness. In order to build and to preserve the image of their brand, companies must understand all the elements that can differentiate their brands from the competitors, and they must put in place an intense and active loyalty relationship, which would allow consumers to find their place in the marketplace. Once they achieved to understand, they must communicate their understanding by puting in place actions. Another role of marketing is to maintain the company to a good competitive level by differentiating its products and by positioning itself. Marketing as strategy is the emphasis at the SBU level, where the focus is on market segmentation, targeting, and positioning in defining how the firm is to compete in its chosen businesses. ...read more.


Once again we can see that the consumer is at the centre of the companies' worries and objectives. To conclude, recent studies, such as Ganesan et al.'s "Role of Marketing in the Corporation: A Perpetual Work in Progress" (2004) highlight the fact that companies are evolving in a constantly changing environment. The use of new technologies, the competitors' innovations and other factors point out the fact that there is a constant need to evolve with the environment and to adapt it as it changes. Therefore it is primordial to keep changing their marketing strategies and to keep themselves up to date with the new trends of the market in order to stay competitive. The role of marketing is to influence the market in order to satisfy the consumers and to build their loyalty in order to increase profitability, but as history already saw with the evolution from the product-centred marketing to the consumer-centred marketing, this might change in the future and new data could come and change the game again. As Webster & Frederick underlined, marketing has always been changeable, both in its conceptual and academic aspects and in its management and organization within firms. They also argue that any change in the firm or in its market environment inevitably have an impact on marketing and on the influence of marketing within the firm. "As the internal and external environment change, so must marketing. ...read more.

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