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Critically evaluate the use of interviews in HRM either generally or for a specific HR practice. Illustrate your answer with reference to your own experience of interviewing and, or being interviewed.

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Critically evaluate the use of interviews in HRM either generally or for a specific HR practice. Illustrate your answer with reference to your own experience of interviewing and, or being interviewed. Interviews are seen as a social process as an exercise in personal perception involving judgements of what is seen and heard with information being exchanged and evaluated until decisions are reached. Interviewing can be used for a variety of HR functions including research interviews, media interviews and appraisal interviews, depending on the type of interview the rules differ in specificity and formality. However in this essay I am going to focus on selection interviews looking at one to one formal interviews. Interviews are meant to be the best selection methods with many advantages, however during this essay I am going to focus on the numerous disadvantages. When looking at disadvantages of interviews it is important to look at the disadvantages for both the interviewer and interviewee. It is for this reason I am going to split the essay into two parts the disadvantages of the interviewer or company and interviewee, as these are the two main parties involved in interviewing. When writing this essay I will not only look at the theory behind the drawbacks of selection interviews but will also try to look at my own experiences of being interviewed and identify how I perceived the interview to be ineffective and its problems. ...read more.


During my interviews I try to use pro active impression management as I try to over emphasise my team skills not only how easily I work within a team but also acting as leader. When talking about this I mention my position as team leader in formal employment and how I captained numerous sports teams. Another method of impression management is that of defensive reactive strategies which aim to minimise the negative attributions resulting from ones behaviour. This method however is rarely used in interviews but when it occurs it's a series of excuses for ones actions e.g. they were fired because of downsizing. Impression management can interfere with the interviewer's evaluation and decision making process so reduces the validity of the interview. Many employers have discovered they have took on the wrong candidate and have had to get rid of them as they'd made the mistake of taking them on due to their impression management which has blinded the interviewer. After looking at the problems of interviewers for the employers I will now look at the drawbacks from a candidate or interviewee point of view. Deception by the interviewers can cause a problem for the candidate with incorrect or incomplete information given to them during the interview. This can be unintentional if the interviewer knows very little about the job, however a majority of the time the interviewer knows the job itself is hard work and boring and that the company may not fill it so they paint the job in glowing colours to trick candidates in to wanting the position. ...read more.


After looking at the both the drawbacks for the interviewer or company and for the candidate it is clear that many of the drawbacks are similar. For the candidate and the interviewer it is clear that deception is a big problem both intentional plain dishonesty and unintentional deception. The main problems for the company and interviewer was the time and money spent on interviews and the big problem of Impression Management by the candidate. The candidate also recognises problems from interviews with the biggest ones being Bias by the interviewer who had an ideal candidate already in their head, the Horn and Halo effect was also seen as a bad effect in interviews as was anxiety. I have had a number of selection interviews over the years and tried to illustrate my experiences linked up with the problems I have discussed during the essay, I identified problems I had faced and problems I had created for the interviewer due to deception and impression management. I have never really interviewed anybody properly only in a group panel so it would be unfair for me to comment so just used my experiences of being interviewed. What is important to remember about interviews is although they have many flaws they are no worse than other selection methods like personality and psychometric tests and are probably more reliable. The problems I have discussed during the essay will never be completely eliminated however with better training and experience the problems will gradually diminish. ...read more.

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