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CSV Media, Ipswich, offer young people the chance to work with media including facilities such as a 24 Track Recording Studio, Video Editing suite and an internet caf.

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Page 2 CSV was founded in 1962 by Mora and Alec Dickson, who also founded the Voluntary Service Overseas and seeks to reconnect people to their community through volunteering and training, "We believe that as a result of this we can enrich people's lives and make a difference to communities and groups across the UK". CSV does work all over the UK and even operates some branches in Ireland. CSV Media is the main branch of CSV which seeks to use radio, TV, video, web and print to inform, empower and inspire people and to give different communities a voice. It was established over twenty five years ago and is a broadcaster, trainer and advisor across the media and voluntary sectors. CSV Media is a member of the Public Voice coalition, as well as the Community Media Association (CMA). CSV provides social action broadcasting and media training. They offer volunteering and training opportunities on media projects across the UK. ...read more.


CSV Media operates social action helpdesks with over 80 broadcast partners throughout the country. The following facilities, projects and training opportunities are just a few of the services that the Clubhouse has to offer: Ipswich Community Radio is the UK's oldest non-profit community radio group. UK Online is a free Internet caf´┐Ż, which includes first time online training and CV writing classes. Volunteering Opportunities include a range of areas in the building, including administration, music, media, ICT. Training Opportunities include a range of courses in areas such as music, media, ICT with OCN (Open College Network), Skills for Life courses with OCR and City and Guilds qualifications. Cultural Involvement throughout the community provides engaging projects, and activities such as Refugee week and IP-Art, which included a Pan African Evening, and the vibrant Good Evening Kurdistan!Next Step is a service, which provides information, advice and guidance about issues such as education, training, employment and work experience placements. ...read more.


The company was previously named the Community Service Trust, the name was changed on the 22 of December 1995 CSV Directors The Lord Levy (President of CSV) Michael Abraham Levy was elevated to the Peerage in September 1997 - Baron Levy of Mill Hill - Lord Levy is involved in a wide variety of public and communal affairs, deeply rooted in charitable work with abiding interests in the voluntary sector, welfare and education. Bill Garland (Deputy Executive Director of CSV) Bill joined CSV in 1977 as manager of Springboard Sunderland, and was Director of CSV's Training and Enterprise Division and Assistant Director of CSV prior to his current appointment. Elisabeth Hoodless (Executive Director of CSV) Elisabeth qualified as a medical social worker, she was appointed Assistant Director of CSV in 1963, Deputy Director in 1972 and Executive Director in 1975. John Pulford (Chair of CSV) John Pulford joined CSV as a Trustee in 1980 and is presently Chair of the Board of Trustees. John has considerable management experience as an owner-manager ?? ?? ?? ?? Community Service Volunteers (CSV) is the UK's largest volunteering and training charity. ...read more.

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