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current structure and original structure

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Task 1 Original structure The original structure consists of two hierarchies, which are the part- time assistant who works on the till in the afternoon. It also includes the owner who is responsible for most things within the business such as * Working on the till * Ordering stock * Checking finances * Hiring and firing employees * Putting the new stock on the shelves. The current structure The original structure of better values consisted of two layers and only two workers however, over the years better values have developed. Currently it consists of 3 layers and about 23 employees. Many different changes have occurred to better values including * There are more workers that do specific jobs e.g. finance manager who is in charge of the money that comes into better values. * There are more layers in the current hierarchical structure, which means that jobs have become more specialised. * In the original structure there, where only two workers this means that it was easier for the owner to communicate with his employee. Whereas in the current structure there are more employees and three different levels. ...read more.


Finally, the human resource manager needs to have good organisational skills. This is because they are in charge of keeping staff records. This means that they need to keep the records neatly and organise the records. This will give a good impression of the company. Finance manager: The finance manager is in charge of looking after the money that comes into and out of the business. They do this by recording transactions, preparing statutory and management accounts, banking cash received and chasing up overdue payments. The personal attributes needed to be a finance manager is numerical skills. This means that they need to be good at maths. This is because they are in charge of preparing management accounts, so they need to work out how much they are spending and receiving. This is important because if they have good numerical skills the working out will be accurate and the business will know how much money the are loosing and receiving. In addition, another personal attribute needed to be a finance manager is punctuality and time planning. This means that they need to be good at turning up on time everyday. ...read more.


Another personal attribute needed to be a checkout assistant is following instructions. This means that they need to listen to what the manager is telling them. Task 3: The importance of teamwork A good team is a team of individuals that know his or her role within the team. They should also know how there role fits in with the other team members roles. Another example of good team work is a team that compliments each others skill e.g. if someone in the team is good at writing reports but not good at proof reading, and another person in the team is opposite. Then they can use each others skills to achieve a common objective. There are many different reasons why team work is important including that it benefits the business. This is because it would be quicker to achieve a goal with more than one person helping. Teamwork is also important because it makes the business more successful and efficient as their goal will be achieved. Team work is also important within business because team work helps the business achieve its aims and objectives, which will make the business more profitable. Team work will benefit better values because it will help the business work better. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 5 assignment 1 ...read more.

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