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Customer Care Management Policies

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Customer Care Management Policies Most of the hotel organizations will have a customer service policy, which describes their strategy for looking after customers. The policy will emphasize how highly the organization values their customers. The term the 'customer is king' is often used to describe the value which hotel organizations place on their customers. . The aim of any customer service policy will be to make customers feel satisfied and valued so that they will want to return. Staff working in a hotel organization must be made aware of the policy, as this will help them to understand the benefits of good customer service both for themselves and for the company. Many companies now organize specialist-training courses in order to ensure that staff provides the best possible service to their customers. For example: Gold Standards Policy of Ritz Carlton Hotel. Identifying, prioritizing and confirming customer requirements It is pretty hard to deliver good customer service unless you know exactly who your customer is? In some cases the answer is simple. If you are a waiter, your main customers are clearly the people that present themselves at your tables. ...read more.


* Timeliness: do you provide your service ensure that it is a good experience for the customer, example, are you friendly and helpful, do you show interest and concern? Customer satisfaction: In order to improve an organization's standard of customer care and to achieve customer satisfaction all staff must be aware of the customer care policy and why it is an essential part of the operation of the company. In the following scenario Happy Valley, a leading visitor attraction in Bournemouth, organizes a training program to induct new members of staff in the organization's customer care policy and to reinforce the policy to existing members of staff. Happy Valley has devised its customer care policy to try and help the attraction achieve a number of objectives, as illustrated in fig. Elements Of Happy Valley's customer care policy Happy Valley's Objectives Reduce staff turnover Felling valued Job satisfaction Increase sales to Receiving value for money Possible benefits customer Increased profitability Repeat business Enhanced reputation A satisfied customer is one who is happy with the product or services they have purchased and the way in which they have been dealt with by the staff providing the service. ...read more.


* Consistently maintain standards for appearance and behavior. * Ensure equipment and supplies used in transactions with customers are available, up to date and in good order. * Actively seek opportunities for improving working relationships with customers. * Ensure own behavior consistently conveys a positive image of the organization to current and potential customers. As we summarize this chapter we notice that customer care management policy is needed to have organized way of treating customers and to satisfy their needs whether it is small or big. Exercise 2 From you previous work experience or training in hotel List your customers - it is helpful to try to list them in terms of frequency of contact ( i.e. in order of the number of times you deal with that customer) and indicate whether they are external customer ( E) or internal customers ( I ). Describe briefly the nature of the product /service you are providing. Indicate the quality of service you offer at present, using a scale from 1 to 6, where 1 = very poor quality and 6 = excellent quality. You might wish to add some comments explaining the ratings. Who are my customers What is the service/products What is the quality of service? ...read more.

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