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Customer needs - Sainsbury.

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Customer needs A range of different products and services Products: - Sainsbury has many ranges of products from groceries to toiletries. Sainsbury always try and make there products value for money. Check out queues: - Sainsbury always aim to minimise waiting time at the checkouts. Colleges of Sainsbury are multi skilled at busy times they are able to call on more colleagues to operate tills. Elderly people: Sainsbury realise that elderly people like to retain their independence by doing their own shopping. Sainsbury always put chairs for their older customers to rest. Employees at Sainsbury help elderly people pack their purchases and help them take them to their cars. Facilities for disabled people: - Sainsbury ensure that disabled customers are not offered a low standard of service. > They have disability parking spaces > Wheelchairs and specially adapted trolleys are available in every store and electric scooters in some. > They carry out disability audits and are currently installing hearing loops in stores. ...read more.


If any customer wishes to buy an item on special offer but it is out of stock, all key staff have vouchers which they can give to the customer so that the next time they are in the store and the item is available they can buy it at the reduced price. Products available at the right place Sainsbury always try and make their stores as neat, tidy and organised so that shoppers can easily find what they are looking for. Well-packaged products All products at Sainsbury are very well packed. Most products like crisps are foil packed for extra freshness. Quality and safety of products: - they take the quality and safety of products very seriously. Sainsbury have Quality Assurance teams. They check the standards in their stores and monitor the quality of our products to ensure they consistently meet the standards laid down when the products are developed. Their Retail and Supply Chain Quality Assurance teams check that all new ideas for stores and their supply chain will deliver only the highest standards of quality, safety. ...read more.


Data protection policy: - they are totally committed to respecting the privacy of their customers and colleagues and any data they provide them with is used only in accordance with their wishes. Only by making use of this information can they understand their needs and deliver the benefits they require. They comply fully with the Data Protection Act that regulates the collection, use, storage and destruction of personal data and they also comply with the guidelines issued by the Information Commissioner. Neither Sainsbury Bank nor Sainsbury Supermarkets provide other organisations with information that identifies their customers. Where customers choose to take part with third parties, some transfer of customer details will be necessary but this will be drawn to the customers' attention before they commit themselves. Value for money Sainsbury try and make all products in their stores value for money whether the product is a low cost range or a high cost range. So, that the products are at a price which suits them. Safety At Sainsbury safety is very important especially for their customers, they try and make their pathways clear as possible. ...read more.

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4 star(s)

Response to the question

The author answers the question well. They do this by clearly breaking up their analysis into section which address different issues concerning consumer needs, for instance the disabled section and how well the products are packed. I would say that ...

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Response to the question

The author answers the question well. They do this by clearly breaking up their analysis into section which address different issues concerning consumer needs, for instance the disabled section and how well the products are packed. I would say that they cover all the possible aspects of consumer needs. The author improves the layout further, by the use of bullet points to get across the key facts about the business, especially disabled facilities, in fact I would argue that these greatly improve the essay, as it seems ‘short and sweet,’ rather than long sentences.

Level of analysis

The analysis is not present in the response, but nor is it required in the question. The question only asks for a description of what Sainsbury’s actually provides and the author gives a great account of this, demonstrating a lot of first research, like visiting the store and testing the products, which was very useful I would imagine when discussing the packaging. They also demonstrate good desk research, like looking up the facilities available to the disabled and stating what awards Sainsbury’s has won.

Quality of writing

The spelling and grammar in general was very good. Although there were a few typos, notice the spellings of colleagues in the second paragraph, is spelt right and wrong in the same sentence. Toa void typos, re-read your work before submission. Also my other problem with this essay was the choice of font, as it demeans the essay by making it look childish, when with a business studies essay, you want to look professional. So when writing these sorts of essay stick to Times New Roman and ensure the bullet points are the standard ones, rather than these funny looking ones. Other than the problems stated above the essay was very good, so it received four stars.

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Reviewed by islander15 23/02/2012

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