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Customer service

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What is Consistent Customer Service? Consistent customer service is of the same standard every time you visit the business. All businesses have to make sure the service offered is good in the first place. What is Reliable Customer Service? Reliable customer service offering a service to customer that is trustworthy and dependable as this will help maintain loyal customers, for example a local hairdresser if they provide reliable customer service then they will have many loyal customers. Importance of both services: Consistent and Reliable customer service are very important because it helps build reputation of business. By giving Consistent and Reliable customer service a business gets free word of mouth advertising, it means if customers are happy with the service you provide them then they are more likely to tell other people about your good service, a business might gain customers by that. A business gets more chance of customer loyalty. Customer loyalty means you get regular customers. ...read more.


The behaviour in the business needs to be positive. * Timing Timing means to be on time and not late for the job, also to attend to customers on time. This is important because if you are late for your work then it will affect your business. * Product/service availability To make sure products and services are available. This is important because if product is not available then customers might go somewhere else. * Meeting specific customer needs Making sure you give customers the products that they need or they looking for. Businesses have to do this in order to get loyal customers. * Working under pressure This means to work when times are busy and pressure is on you and working by yourself. If the pressure is on you need to be calm able to handle the situation. What is meant by term "Customer Satisfaction"? This means the customer is satisfied and happy with the service and product from the business. ...read more.


Establish effective customer service mechanism. 2. Build customer loyalty through positive customer service experience. 3. Increase customer retention. 2 forms of codes of practice: 1. Name: Professional codes of practice Description: Set out minimum standards, for professional workers such as accountants, doctors, solicitors and social workers. They are often drawn up by professional bodies on behalf of their member. Examples: My first example is 'Tameside Hospital'. Their purpose is to help the local community especially the people who suffered from illness or any weaknesses. My 2nd example is Manchester Central Library. Their purpose is to enhance knowledge in community. This is a Public Limited branch (plc). 2. Name: Industry codes of practice Description: Related to issues that affect many different types of organisations, such as advertising or recruitment or to organisations that operate in particular industry such as the water, gas or mobile phone industry. Example: The example for this is Southern electric. Their purpose is to supply electricity, gas, insurance, telephony and broadband internet. ?? ?? ?? ?? Suhaib Bashir 1 ...read more.

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