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Customer Service - Argos.

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Unit 10 Customer Service Argos By Korhan Beytekin Contents Introduction 3 The three S's at Argos 5 Good customer service 6 Consumer protections legislation 7 The supply of goods act 1982 7 The consumer protection act 1987 8 Data protection 8 Health and safety 8 The Argos card 8 Appearance 9 Improvements to customer service 9 Customer Service Unit 10 Argos Holloway Road The business that I have chosen is Argos, located on Holloway Road. Argos is one of the UK's largest non-food retail company, which supplies nearly every thing that a house would need, pulse Argos has sales over �2bn per year. Argos is one of the UK's largest non-food retail chains; with sales over �2bn. Argos is the number one retailer for toys and small electric appliances, and a leading player in many other markets including D.I.Y, gardening, consumer electronics and furniture. Argos also have a significant market share in jewellery, sports equipment, D.I.Y products and furniture. The company was funded in 1973 and was the pioneers of the catalogue retailing in the UK. The company has gone through a lot of changes in the past, after nearly six years as a private company they were acquired by B.A.T industries limited in 1979, and then emerged in 1990. Argos became a limited company again until it was acquired by GUS plc in 1998. Argos is now part of the Argos retail group, owned by GUS plc. Argos has almost 500 stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. Approximately 98% of thee UK population lives within 10 miles of an Argos store. Argos has invested �120m over the past four years in its supply chains. The Argos store that I have chosen is the Argos on Holloway road, it's a superstore, and they call it a superstore because the store has a large capacity and can store a lot of goods in their store therefore customers can get the most thing that they need from the catalogue in one store and customers don't need to go to different stores as well. ...read more.


the clock would still go on until someone presses the clear button. Sometimes errors do occur in the stock room, if someone sends down the wrong product this is called a miss pick and this give a bad impression to customer because it is only detected at the collection point and they have to call up to the stock room and tell them it is a miss pick and someone has to go and get the right product. Staff discuss out each day the average time of serving the customer every morning, if there are any problems with staff and communication, this is the time where it is discussed and how to solve it. If it doesn't get solved with that time it will become a bigger problem in the future and will give a bad impression of the store. All of this comes down to staff training. At Argos all the staffs goes through rigorous training. A lot of time and money is spent on training, Argos has a belief that if the staff isn't trained to the full extent it will effect the whole store, efficiency and staff moral will be low because staff will feel that they haven't been trained properly and cannot carryout their duties to the best of their ability due to bad training. Good customer service The company stated that every staff on the shop floor should acknowledge each customer, by saying "Hi" or even a smile would do. Being trained by Argos is very different compared to another retail outlet like J.D Sports plc, because they don't merely teach you about how you would have to treat a customer, for example when you go in to a shop as a customer and how would u want a member of staff to approach you would it be for example "Hi", "How are you" or not even being noticed and just make you feel alike an average person coming in to the store. ...read more.


of staff comes in looking scruffy, the manager will monitor how many times it happens and the next time their contract comes to update they will check this and if they have a bad record they will not hesitate to get rid of that staff. There is a stand that is situated by the collection point where you can pick up leaflets on new products and additional services that are available. By the same points there is a health and safety notice board, this is where information about default products are kept. Improvements to customer service A major complaint by customer is that every time a new catalogue comes out that they have to come into the store to collect one, they were saying isn't there any way that the catalogue can be sent to their homes. I recommend that if a customer would like a catalogue delivered they would have to sign up to the Argos card, this is the only available to those customer that spends over a certain amount in the store. At the movement only the additions catalogues are sent to registered customers. I think they should expand it to normal catalogue, this would increase the telephones sales because people will find it easier to order things because all they need to do is pick up the phone or go on to the internet, the option to collect from the store should be also available to all telephone and internet sales so that the customer doesn't have to always pay for the delivery they can just come and pick it up and a selected date. This is similar to the ring and reserve that has been recently put in place for better customer service. I think that the best thing that Argos has put in place for improvements to the customers service is the ring and reserve and the award winning web site where you have to be online catalogue which anyone can access from anywhere and any time. 1 ...read more.

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