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Customer service assignment.

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Kelly McGuinness Customer Service Assignment Task 1 - Introduction Customer Service is the employee's of an organisation, giving customers what they want. They need to provide the right products and the right service to all the customers and potential customers. The organisation and its individuals provide products and services to meet the expectations of its customers. Customer Service applies to all types of customers, these include; individuals, groups, people from different cultures and people with specific needs. Customer service is important to the organisation for the following reasons: Effective customer service promotes: * Customer Satisfaction * Job satisfaction of staff * Repeat Business * Recommendations * Increased Profits * Safe and Secure Environment Poor Customer Service leads to: * Falling of sales * Customer Complaints * Low Staff morale * Reduced Profits For this assignment in Customer Service, the organisation I have chosen to study is Hollywood Bowl. When I first arrived at Hollywood Bowl, my first impressions were that it was situated in a clean, bright area. The main sign was in very bold and bright colours so that it would stand out and give the impression that it was a fun place for the whole family. Hollywood Bowl is built in a leisure park, known as Teesside Park, this also helps attract more customers as thousands of people visit Teesside Park each day, as there are other activities to do here such as shopping, going to the gym, eating out and the cinema. ...read more.


Hollywood Bowl has many types of customers, some have special needs, so Hollywood Bowl has to be prepared for this and be sure they have the right facilities for its customers. For example, if a customer is in a wheelchair, there are special ramps and guardrails to roll the ball down, but these are also used by small children who are too little to lift the ball. Also there are many staff that accompany children's parties and help them with any problems they may come across and deal with their meal orders and make sure there are no special food requirements for children with food allergies. Hollywood Bowl also accommodates other parties or gatherings for things such as, get together's, Christmas celebrations, day's out, school and college trips and much more. These can be sold to the customer in packages, for example, a set price per child/person that includes food, a certain number of games, lanes used and a few other things, but extras can be added for an extra cost, this way it is Hollywood Bowl that has to organise the whole party, but it is a lot easier for the person booking the party to organise. Food can be brought to the lanes for such parties, so disruption is not occurred during the game. If the customer feels that the food is not up to standard then it will be replaced, free of charge, without any hesitation. ...read more.


When I first arrived at Hollywood Bowl I thought that the Customer Service was very good, all members of staff seemed very happy with their work and willing to help anyone in need. They had a very neat and tidy appearance and a polite positive attitude towards their work and all their customers. Hollywood Bowl has a very clean and vibrant atmosphere, the customer toilets are checked regularly, there is a timetable fixed onto the toilet's door or wall, so when they have been checked they are signed to prove that they were actually checked and any necessary cleaning took place. The lanes and floor are also checked very often, to make sure no food or drink has been spilt near the lanes as this can cause accidents. The fire alarms are also regularly checked, when they do this they put out a message over the tannoy to ensure all the customers know what is happening and no un-necessary disruption is occurred. My overall Impression of Hollywood Bowl is that it is a very well run and organised business. All members of staff seem to know what they are doing and seem very happy and polite, which is good for the whole image of Hollywood Bowl. The bright and vibrant colours and the enthusiastic atmosphere created by the members of staff also makes you feel very welcome within Hollywood Bowl, from the moment you step through the door to the moment you step back out again. ...read more.

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