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Customer Service - Going Places.

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Customer Service. Going Places. First impressions. The interior was really bright and eye catching. The staff were all wearing the same uniform. The uniform was a blue shirt with orange patterns on it and a blue skirt or trousers, so the uniform was colour coordinated with the shops interior. There were a lot of signs around the walls and in the window display with holiday offers, such as a last minute flight to France for the weekend in a 2star hotel and flights only. It looked rather welcoming. My first impressions were that it was very bright which made me feel like I was on my first steps to booking a sunny holiday. With the brightness of the room and the way everything was spaced out I felt like I had all the time in the world to look because it was so spacious and made me feel comfortable. I was really impressed with the way they had set out the shop and the matching uniforms made it look even better. How I was met and greeted. It took the staff a while to ask if I needed any help. I was walking around looking at brochures for more than 5 minutes until someone actually asked me if they could help and what brochures I required. I felt that as there was hardly anyone in the shop the staff should have paid more attention in order to gain some custom. ...read more.


She even printed off prices for me so that I wouldn't forget any of the information. This is not only useful for the customer, but also creates a good lasting impression on the company. Compare and contrast. Both services were similar the way they met and greeted their customers, for example they stood up and went over to their customer. This is good as it saves the customer having to come to you and you can help them with their brochures more efficiently. With Thomas Cook when speaking with their customer they tend to have other conversations, this is a good and casual way to get to know your customer better and find out what they want more easily. Withy Going Places they didn't start a conversation, they just asked basic questions of what you want in your holiday. Thomas Cook are better with conversations because having a general conversation with your customer makes them feel more at ease and it is easier for the staff member to find out exactly what their customer wants and needs. Thomas Cook is quicker to offer their services than Going Places. Going Places take longer to offer their services, this is not very good as you are making the customer wait and they will get impatient and take their business to another agents, this will loose business. Both organisations were good with asking questions about the holiday and good with getting a general idea of what their customer wanted on their holiday, for example insurance, excursions, maps, kids club etc. ...read more.


E - Educate your customer about the product. A - Attend to your customer's every needs. T - Thank your customer. This I learnt from a part time job I had where I was involved with a lot of customers and this was the way the company helped their customers'. This would help them keep the conversation going and help them attend to the customers every need. I felt that they rushed me when they were speaking to me, if they took a little longer they would be able to sell the holiday a lot better. With all the things I have said so far it would greatly improve their customer service. The service that they would be giving if they followed my guide would be of a high standard. As they would be finding out their information by using the word 'great'. It makes it simple for the staff to follow as it creates a structure, but also provides all the information needed when looking to book a holiday. If Going Places started to use this method it would benefit their sales so much as they would sell more by giving a better impact on customers. If they were to spend a little more time with their customers they would be able to sell the holiday to the customer and make it look more appealing to them. The benefit of this is that it would start a repetitive scheme with the customer and introduce more customers along the way. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shannon Lewis Page 1 05/05/2007 ...read more.

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