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Customer service in MacDonalds.

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What is customer service? Customer service is primarily about how McDonalds stays ahead of its competitors by offering its customers something more then its competitors do. Customer service is also about how McDonalds looks after its customers. Who are customers? McDonalds customers can be categorised into distinctive groups and they are: How the employees at McDonalds provide good customer service All the members of staff that work at McDonalds have to have good customer service skills so that they can provide the customers with good/effective customer service. The skills needed to provide a good/effective customer service are: > Good communication skills > Be dressed smartly and tidily when working > Be understanding > Friendly > Good listening skills > Have good knowledge about products Good communication skills The members of staff at McDonalds need to have good communication skills so that they communicate with the customers effectively. The members of need to be able to speak clearly so that customers would understand what they are saying and no confusions are caused. Be dressed smartly and tidily when working All the members of staff at McDonalds need to be dressed in a tidy and smart way so that they look represent able. ...read more.


If the customer service wasn't improved and the customer service was poor then customers would not go and eat at McDonalds and go to McDonalds competitors. Even improving the customer service in unnoticeable ways helps any business including McDonalds to attract more customers and even be popular with some customers. Even if the customer service provided by a business is good/effective the business should always concentrate on keeping that standard of customer service and try to improve it as much as the business can. The spider diagram above shows how McDonalds can improve its customer service below is a spider diagram to show what McDonalds have done to improve their customer service so far. On the previous page I have mentioned a few of the changes that McDonalds have made to improve their customer service, I will now explain the points. Improved the taste of the children's food and sell fruit- this has been advertised on T.V a lot that the taste of the happy meal foods taste has changed. This is an improvement to the customer service by the way that children would be happier with what they eat at McDonalds, and it may possibly tempt children to ask their parents to take them to McDonalds to eat. ...read more.


If a customer is angry and has a bad temper due to a complaint they are making it is a member of staffs responsibility to calm the customer down by telling them that they're problem will be solved as soon as it can. Members of staff may decide to take the angry customer aside from the other customers because it may be disturbing the other customers; this is a good idea. The member of staff will always remain calm and apologise to the customer. At McDonalds customers cannot exchange their food, like customers of a clothes retail shop could do. McDonalds sells food therefore it is unhygienic that food is exchanged after it has been purchased. This is a form of good customer care as well because it shows that McDonalds is hygienic. McDonalds also aims to keep customers safe whilst they are in the premises of the restaurant to ensure customers and the members of staff are safe McDonalds abides by legislations such as the health and safety Act, consumer protection Act 1987, supply of goods and service Act 1982 and the Data Protection Act 1984. As well as following these legislations McDonalds treats all its customers equally regardless of their background, colour or race. Below a chart that outlines the effects of good/effective customer service. ...read more.

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