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Customer Service in Travel and Tourism, D1

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P & O Processes Records Kept, Receipts, Booking Systems, databases, accident books Records kept, Receipts, databases P & O keep a database of the customers who have used the service each individual booking would have a record number; this is then used if they need to track a booking. The records are also paper based, when you make the booking a customer gets a copy of their reference number along with their tickets, sent to them in the post. The Strengths of this are the customers can be organised by surname and then if they wish to join the club, the staff can check the files for surnames and then see if the customer had been on more than five trips. The weaknesses, of this are Database's can be lost if the file is not either password protected or backed up. The paper based files may be lost if there was a fire. Booking Systems, P & O, have an online booking system where you will have to follow 5 steps;1, outward journey,2 return journey,3 options and upgrades,4 passenger info,5 payment. A paper based booking system is also kept, this includes the same information but instead kept directly with P & O, it is kept by the booking agent. ...read more.


Booking Systems, Virgin have an online booking system which can easily be used it is, in live format so they can book knowing that the prices displayed are correct. There are also booking systems kept in the train stations where they form a network of databases, where the passenger can get their ticket straight away. The strengths of this are that the booking systems all have unique registration numbers which would be used to identify which booking system was used to purchase the item. The weaknesses of this is that as there are multiple booking systems if one crashes then the data is lost, however if they were all interlinked if one crashed the others would not, causing the data to be kept. Accident Books On each train owned by virgin there are groups of accident books which keep the detailed information on the accident, this would include how was it caused, who was involved, when did it occur, was any one injured and was it resolved. The other incidents may require investigating, to see if the same type of incident is appearing. The strengths of these are that each individual involved could easily be found and the detailed information could identify the source of the problem. ...read more.


Weaknesses I believe the weakest part of P & O ferries customer service is the booking system because there is no way of checking if the ferry will have all that you require on board and that you have to personally inform P & O ferries if you require assistance such as wheelchair access. Virgin and P and O If the same complaint is made for the same vehicle , then a thorough investigation is carried out, to ensure that each vehicle can operate correctly and the problem will not occur again, however if the problem can not be resolved then the vehicle will be suspended from service until the problem is resolved. Both organisations share the same interests where they aim to provide their customers with the best possible experience given. They both aim to assist each individual with their specific needs. However virgin examine their comments every three months whereas P & O check their comments every 4 weeks, so that there is time to amend the problem by either providing a replacement or giving the customer vouchers or a refund if they felt their journey was not a very pleasant one, in which the description was incorrectly told to them. ?? ?? ?? ?? D1 William Shore ...read more.

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