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customer service london zoo

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What is customer service? Customer service is more than just keeping customers happy. It's about revenue, for the reason that a lost customer means lost revenue and an unhappy customer can damage your reputation. Good customer service means putting the needs of the customer first. Good customer service requires you, as a member of staff, to put yourself in the position of your customers. You should be aware of how you would like to be treated if you were a customer and deal with your customers accordingly. Most leisure and tourism organisations will have a customer service policy which describes their strategy for looking after customers. The policy emphasises how highly the organisation values their customers. Meeting customer needs Meeting customer will have personal needs, wants and requests which are exclusive and individual needs. Customers will therefore look to leisure and tourism organisation to meet their individual needs. The primary need of the customer is to purchase the product or service which an organisation offers. Customers will also have secondary needs which will help influence the customers to make a decision as to whether to buy the product or not. Secondary needs will include the need for: * Advice. * Information. * Feeling safe. * Feeling secure. London zoo customer service The popular London Zoo offers visitors a fabulous wildlife experience, and also plays a key role in conservation of animals and public education. It's run by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), an international scientific, conservation and educational charity founded in 1826. The skills challenge With the opening of their new Gorilla Kingdom attraction, the Zoo was anticipating a busy year in 2007. The thousands of extra visitors would put staff under the spotlight. Excellent customer service is vital to the Zoo's success. Human Resources Manager Karen Turnbull wanted to raise the general standard of skills and qualifications among staff, ensuring that every visitor got a consistently high standard of service. ...read more.


By treating its employees in this way the organisation will encourage employees to take pride and interest in their work which should ultimately lead to a better standard of service for the customer. When the members of staff at London Zoo are made aware of the importance of good customer service they can understand why the implementation of the customer care policy by all members of staff is vital to the success of the organisation. Everyone within the organisation has responsibility for creating a product which meets the needs of their customer whether they have direct 'face to face' contact with their customer or not. By carrying out the principles of the organisation's customer care policy employees themselves may receive benefits such as: * Self-satisfaction - in carrying out their job role well. * Pride in their job and company. * Interest in understand their importance. * An increase in confidence and competence which may then lead to promotion. * Possible financial benefits. It is vital therefore that all the members off staff at London Zoo are fully briefed in the customer care policy and that they all recognise the importance of achieving good customer service for the benefits of: 1. The customer. 2. The organisation. 3. Themselves. Benefits of customer service You will need to understand that excellent customer service brings a number of benefits for leisure and tourism organisations, such as: * increased sales * satisfied customers * more customers through repeat business and recommendations * a better public image * an edge over the competition It is also very important that all members of staff give a high level of service to each other. Benefits to the staff and the organisation include: * a more pleasant place to work * a happier and more efficient workforce * improved job satisfaction * improved chances of promotion within the organisation London Zoo benefit of customer service The training has left London Zoo staff better equipped to welcome its many visitors, and has laid the foundation for an efficient, successful operation. ...read more.


Staff: Sorry about that, I will exchange your pizza to what you ordered. Would your daughter like to have something else then pasta? Customer: yes I would like my correct pizza please and do you have any meals that would suit my daughter? Staff: we have these special deal meals, Customer: Oh really? What's there to offer? Staff: Well we have three options. For �6.99 we have any starter or side and any individual pizza or pasta, for �12.99 we have any Tasting Platter and any medium pizza or any sharing pasta and for �24.99 we have any tasting Platter with any pizza plus either any medium pizza or any sharing pastas and large salad plate. I recommend you get the �12.99 deal meal. Seeing you get a lot for your money. Customer: That sounds great, and I think I'm going to order the second option, Tasting Platter and any medium pizza or any sharing pasta but can you tell me what does Tasting Platter include? Staff: Well it includes Cheese Topped Garlic Bread, Breaded Chicken Strips, Potato Wedges, Mozzarella & Tomato Salad, Texan Barbecue Chicken Wings, Bruschetta, and Garlic Bread. Customer: Oh great, my daughter loves chicken, I am definitely having that but can u please make sure this time that we get the correct order and the food is hot. Staff: Yes of course we will do that for you, sorry for any convenience. Customer: Make sure that the wrong orders aren't on my bill don't charge me for the Lasagne and for the wrong pizza you gave me. Staff: I will sort that out right now Customer: make sure you will do! Staff: Ok, I will bring you the one Pan based Mediterranean Meats pizza and Tasting Platter and medium pizza as soon as its ready! Customer: Thank you very much ?? ?? ?? ?? Customer Service 1 | Page ...read more.

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