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Customer service within the travel and tourism industry

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INTRODUCTION Customer service is composed of 6 components, and below is a diagram identifying those components: All of these components together fulfil the purpose of customer service, which is to look after customers. Within the travel and tourism industry, there is a high level of competitiveness as there are a number of organisations providing similar products or services. It is the quality of customer service that distinguishes one organisation from the other. Customers expect the highest standards and it is important that the staffs are aware of the part that they play in giving customers what they need. Therefore, providing excellent customer service is considered an influence in helping organisations maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction, which in turn increases repeated business, as existing customers are kept and new customers are attracted. The following unit is a report investigating the importance and effectiveness of customer service delivery in two travel and tourism organisations. DESCRIPTION OF CONPANIES The travel and tourism industry is divided into 6 components The two components that were selected for this investigation were Accommodation and Tourist Attraction. Furthermore, the two organisations that were selected from these companies were Thistle Hotels (Accommodation) and UGC Cinemas (Tourist Attraction). Thistle Hotels is one of the UK's leading four-star hotel companies with over 55 properties (just under 11,000 bedrooms) in key city centre and countryside locations and, with 23 hotels (almost 6,500 bedrooms) in London alone, it is the capital's largest hotel group. Thistle Hotels is the largest hotel group in London with 24 hotels occupying prominent positions near financial centres, tourist attractions and prime shopping streets. These include the Thistle Tower in the City with views of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London; the Thistle Charing Cross on the Strand, close to Trafalgar Square; and the Thistle Marble Arch overlooking Oxford Street. Elsewhere in the UK, Thistle offers hotels in most business centres including Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle. ...read more.


Availability The hotel is filled with up to 91 bedrooms, 6 meetings rooms and has a Bar & Lounge. The bar is available 24 hour but only for residents/guest only. Customers can have any room of their choice, and are provided with an alternative if the selected choice is unavailable. Provision for individual needs Frail menus are provided for customers that are blind. There who speak who foreign and are available for foreign customers. Catering staffs provide food for dietary customers. Business travellers are provided transportation if they request for it. There are staff on board for customers who have any medical problems OBSERVERSATION & ANALYSIS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR THISTLE HOTEL Below is a table showing an analysis of the practices and procedures used by the organisations staff to meet the quality criteria. Furthermore, within this table is a rating of how well the actual level of service was delivered: Rating System: 1 - Excellent 2- Very Good 3 - Quite Good 4 - Adequate 5 - Poor QUALITY CRITERIA RATING ANALYSIS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE Price/Value for money 2 Very so far, after looking at the price, they appeared to be very reasonable and the empowerment programme showed customer courtesy. This customers felt the prices were reasonable and were getting their value of money, and were pleased with the hotel staff offering them commentary gifts Consistency/Accuracy 1 Excellent. Reliability 2 Very good. Throughout all my 3 visits calls were attended to rapidly. Customers appeared to be pleased with the behaviour of staff due to their complimentary responses Staffing levels/qualities 1 Excellent. The staff was punctual throughout the 3 visits, the number of staff that were in attendance were above its minimum of 15, and there were more than one member at each department. Staff were always polite, and were very patient when dealing with difficult customers. Also the staff remained dressed in their appropriate uniform. ...read more.


Furthermore, their competitive edge strategy, I also found impressive because instead of copying their competitors' activities, they take advantage of what their competitors don't to strengthen their own customer service. Despite Thistle Hotels providing the better customer service, I found that UGC cinemas also provided good customer service, as the customers seemed generally satisfied with customer service. Furthermore, the members of staff that were present, were still able to provide good teamwork which created a relaxed atmosphere for communication between customers RECOMMENDATIONS Below is a table suggesting the possible recommendations to improve customer service for both organisations: QUALITY CRITERIA RECOMMENDATIONS Price/Value for money Thistle Hotels could introduce discounts, which would depend on age, time of year, and introduce competitions and raffles. Despite the prices being reasonable, UGC Cinemas could also be available discounts on the weekends, as reduced prices were only offered Mon-Fri. Consistency/Accuracy For Thistle Hotels, the only recommendation would be to keep up the good work. For UGC Cinemas, a recommendation would be to show more films Reliability The only recommendation would be for UGC Cinemas to provide more staff to attend enquiries rapidly Staffing levels/qualities Both organisations should have more security staff around the reception and front entrance Enjoyment of experience The only recommendation would be for UGC Cinemas to show more films for customers to have more enjoyment Health & Safety The only recommendation is for both organisations should strengthen security Cleanliness/Hygiene The only recommendation is for both organisations to always have the toilets inspected every hour Accessibility & Availability The only recommendation is for Thistle Hotels strengthen accessibility for disabled customer by providing ramps and automatic doors Provision for individual needs The only recommendation is for Thistle Hotels to increase provision for the deaf, by hiring that can communicate in sign language. Another recommendation is for both organisations to improve their feedback techniques, with the use of informal feedback and focus groups. Kevin Sekweyama Unit 5: Customer Service In Travel & Tourism 1 ...read more.

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