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Customer Service

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To: Mr. Sttorck From: Kasun perera Date: 11th September 2003-09-17 Ref unit 10: Customer Service Customer Service The aim of this report is to produce evidence of an investigation in to the customer service practices of Tesco and a report on how the organization could improve its customer service. This report will: * Identify and describe the different types of customers and their needs * Identify and analyses the skill required in customer service. * Account for how the organization has incorporated consumer protection in to its customer service policy. * Describe how the organization use customer service to meet customer needs as well as strategic objectives. * The report on the chosen organization will include: * The techniques my chosen organization has used to try to improve customer service. * How my chosen organization monitors the performance of its customer service function. * Recommendations on how my chosen organization could improve its quality systems help meet customer's quality standards. TESCO Tesco was founded in 1924 by Sir Jack Cohen. Over the last 78 years, as the food retailing market has changed, the company has grown and developed, responding to new opportunities and pioneering many innovations. Today it is Britain's leading food retailer with 639 stores around the country. Profits have risen by 11.9% since last year. Tesco operates stores in twelve countries - the UK, Republic of Ireland, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan. Tesco is public limited company (Plc) - Means that any one can be shareholder. Tesco sells every thing you would expect them to sell for example basic foods items such as bread, milk, eggs, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables and much more including cloths, CDs, videos, DVDs, books, computer games, electrical, school equipment, wines and other alcohol drinks. Some of the larger stores are open 24 hours a day; this is very useful for shift workers and those who wish to shop when it is less busy. ...read more.


Tesco clubcard is the UK's most popular loyalty scheme. You can collect air miles with clubcard. Two hundred million air miles have been issued to customers this year. Clubcard holders can collect points at over 3,000 UK outlets including Alders and Marriott hotels. As you can see Tesco have a clubcard scheme, which gains customer loyalty as they feel they are getting more out of shopping then just the products they are purchasing. Tesco's customer service To satisfy the needs of the customer in such away as to maximise profit. A good Customer Service department is crucial to the success of any business. Major retailers such as Tesco have well-establish reputation for providing a good customer service. It's importation to find out customers expectations and needs in order for Tesco to meat their expectations and needs. All customers expect high level of customer service. For example, if a person goes to buy a Flat screen TV, they will expect the sales person to provide them with information with regard to the technical specification of the TV, safety features, and options regard to buying the TV. Tesco keep their customers happy by: Providing an appropriate range of products and services, Dealing quickly with problems and complaints, Having good and clear communication systems, Treating Customers with integrity and courtesy, If Tesco continue to operate in this manner it will more likely to benefit from: Additional business-because satisfied customers are likely to recommend friends and relatives. Repeat business-because satisfied customers are more likely to return to buy again. Happy staff- because satisfied customers is likely to be happier and easier to deal with than those who are dissatisfied and have reason to complain. From a good customer service Tesco can earn more money, then it ill be able to open more branches, take on more workers in other words expand the business. Providing a high quality customer service is vital for Tesco. ...read more.


� Fit for their purpose (suitable for the purpose for which they are sold) � As describe (must match description given) For example, at Tesco the goods sold should have no faults or damages. If a customer purchases a key ring and discovers that there is a crack in the glass that contains a picture of a flower, he/she can take it back either to receive a refund or exchange, Tesco may lose customer loyalty through damaged goods so they must maintain high quality products. 3) Trades Description Act 1963. The code conveys that traders must give an accurate description of their goods & services. Tesco must show clearly their goods & services they sell. For example, in the leaflets it describes the goods it sells. 4) Health and safety at work Act 1974 This act states that External customers can sue if they: � get injured because he/she sold a faulty product � suffer financial lost/distress, because of poor workmanship, professional negligence � Injure themselves because lack of care by an employee due to unsafe fittings. For Example, a customer walks into Tesco branch and slips over and breaks his arm. There were no signs of safety to alert the customer. The customer can sue the Tesco for this. Recommendations Tesco should have car park for their customers and especially for disabled people to park their cars, and people in wheelchair can reach the shelves and the member of the staff should be there with assistance. There should be a special staff member that can help sample clothes to people who are in a wheelchair. There should be a toilet for people who are in a wheelchair and someone to push them around the store. Why need improvements? In Tesco there are not enough facilities for disabled people that's why not many disabled people go there, because it doesn't meet their needs and expectations. If Tesco meet disabled people needs and expectation this will improve loyalty and more disabled people will come to shop at Tesco and these will be their main customers. ...read more.

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