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Customer Services 2.

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Unit 2 Business Assignment - Customer Services Customer services are an essential key to any successful business, without them a company would perish and fail within a year. Consumers of products have extremely high expectations of the companies they purchase from and if this is not supplied in the exact way they want it then the customer will most likely go to another business that will give them great customer service. Most customers nowadays expect * Friendly service * Helpful staff * Aesthetically pleasing establishments * Facilities to suit their needs * Regular customers will expect to be remembered for their loyalty * Easy and pleasant service if the customer is not satisfied Banks are a great example of different types of customer service. They use diverse methods of attracting and retaining their existing and new clients. The banks that I think possess the potential of this quality are; Nationwide - This bank has put its time and effort into higher interest rates to attract new business and free withdrawals from cash machines abroad. Natwest - Insist that they have stopped routing all their calls abroad to call centres and that now all calls are directed straight through to the branch. ...read more.


1. Providing an appropriate range of goods and services. Most people expect a wide choice when they are buying virtually any type of product. 2. Providing good value products. This evidently links together with the first point but brings in the necessity of quality and price. Most goods are available in a range of quality levels. The price of a product is likely to reflect its quality. Generally speaking, the higher the price the better the quality. Customers will take this into account when purchasing a product and will expect the value of an item to reflect the price paid and the level of quality built into the product. 3. Dealing with consumer issues, problems and queries quickly and without much fuss. Customers become very frustrated if problems and general enquiries are not dealt with quickly. If customers feel their questions are at least being dealt with, they are more likely to regard the business in a more positive light. 4. Providing clear and honest information. This can be applied to information about the features of a product, its price, its delivery, and the aftercare available once the product is bought and taken home. Customers are more likely to buy from a company in future if they feel that they have been given the full picture. ...read more.


For online banking the expectations and need will be entirely different. All customers will expect their money to be secure, their systems to be easy and quick to use, help and support for technical malfunctions and lots of information on the website about financial backing and other money issues. External Customers For external customers, the expectations will be almost the same as stated above with a few additions. For disabilities - A hearing loop or wide isles for wheelchairs or ramps instead of steps will be naturally expected. Fair treatment for different ages First time buyers will need sound advice about their accounts. Existing customers may expect perks and special treatment for their loyalty. Internal Customers Internal customers will have different expectations. Such as; Extra protection and security for their money as they will have a whole lot more than most private individuals. For lager amounts of money internal customers may wish to receive update upon their interest rates and how much it is increasing per year. This will help the branch to keep their customers satisfied and happy. If all of this is included in a branch then it should be extremely successful with very satisfied customers. Complaints should be to a minimum and recommendations will result in new customers as well as keeping their existing clients. Susy Lumsden 10L. ...read more.

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