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Dealing with unusal customer situation

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In this coursework, I will be discussing about the needs of the customer during certain unusual situation, which occur in a store and could be hard to deal with. I will also explain how an employee can make sure that he meets the customer needs. Situation What are the needs? How will you meet the needs? A customer has approached you to help find a cake mixture. A customer who is looking for a cake mixture wills certain need an assistant who is well aware of the store and should know where products are kept. The customer will also need choices of cake mixture to choose from. Customer will be expecting assistant to give information about the different type of cake mixture and which will be the best for them. Customer will need full cooperation from the assistant and expect the assistant to give his full attention to them. ...read more.


This way customer will be satisfied and will get what they expect. You are passing a till point and a customer has asked you to help them pack their bag, and you are busy helping another customer. Customer will need an assistant who is able to pack bags quickly. Customer will need this assistant as fast as possible so that he/she does not feel pressured. However, if I am already busy with other customer, this customer will need me to get another employee as soon as possible who is not dealing with other customer. The customer will need full co-operation from the person sitting at the counter to help her by the time another employee is coming. Firstly, I should explain the customer briefly that I am busy helping another customer and will get another assistant to help them. ...read more.


At the customer service desk, an assistant should calmly ask for the receipt for their product. Then as the receipt is checked and verified the employee should apologise and ask them what they would would like us to do, replace with another Haribo or return their money. As per the customers, wish employee should return their money or pack of Haribo and convince them that this mistake would not happen again. If the customer demands, he/she has lost the receipt or do not have it for some reason, an assistant should still apologise but explain the laws or the terms and conditions of the store. From this coursework, I have concluded that there are certain needs of customers, which needs to be fulfilled to make them satisfied by the customer service provided by the business. It is very important to fulfil these needs to keep the royal customers or to keep a good reputation. ?? ?? ?? ?? D1 Pranav Jadva ...read more.

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