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Delegation Paper

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Delegation Paper Effective delegation is a critical survival skill for managers and supervisors. According to Batman and Snell (2004), delegation "is the assignment of authority and responsibility to a subordinate at a lower level. It requires that the subordinate report back to his or her boss in regard to how effectively the assignment was carried out. Delegation is perhaps the most fundamental feature of management, because it entails getting work done through others. Thus, delegation is important at all hierarchical levels. The process can occur between any two individuals in any type of structure with regard to any task," (Bateman & Snell, 2004). Within my professional career I am led by an experienced, effective, and efficient manager who utilizes delegation and the functions of management. In my company, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage there is a chain of command that is followed in how we delegate; including President, Vice President, Team Managers and Account Executives. I am going to explain some of the duties for each position. President's responsibilities are to attend daily meetings in order to know what is best for our company and customers. ...read more.


Ask the broker to send a prequalification for that specific borrower to make sure it is something that Wells Fargo would be capable of doing. Sell our product and rate to the broker, and then ask for the business. Once we receive the file from the broker, we are to make sure the file has the required documentation then we forward it to our underwriting department for the final decision. My team at work consists of 15 Account Executives, six of which have been with the company less than a year, five have been with the company over two years and four have been with the company right at a year. Due to lack of time with the company, you can see the majority of our team needs more attention than others. To effectively delegate in planning, there must be a daily schedule that is followed. Delegation could be used more effectively in planning by writing a list of the major task for which our team is responsible. Determine which task can be given to teammates on the team. ...read more.


There is a wide range of varying freedom that you can confer on the other person. The more experienced and reliable they are then the more freedom you can give. However, we do have some teammates that tend to take advantage of the freedom given to them. My supervisor needs to crack down on those who take advantage of their authority and freedom. To effectively delegate, a person should have an understanding of the functions of management. Being able to plan, organize, lead, and control as a manager would promote sound delegations with employees and operations. They must have organizational and interpersonal skills. Having people skills will give a manager the ability to lead, motivate, and communicate effectively with others. They should also possess conceptual and decision skills. These skills help the manager to recognize complex and dynamic issues, analyze the factors that influence those issues or problems, and make appropriate decisions. Managers in my organization delegate as part of their management responsibilities to assign the right position or job to the best qualified person that they think can do the job and do the job right. Managers in my organization use delegation because it allows them to achieve more productivity for the company. ...read more.

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