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Deming referred to the old African saying "it takes the whole village to raise a child". In this paper we try to understand and interpret it through few core concepts of Quality and Total Quality Management.

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IT TAKES THE WHOLE VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD Executive Summary Deming referred to the old African saying "it takes the whole village to raise a child". In this paper we try to understand and interpret it through few core concepts of Quality and Total Quality Management introduced by quality gurus like Deming, Crosby, Juran and Gravin. This paper focuses on the quality journey of Eastman Chemical and presents an analysis of quality based strategies applied in Eastman chemical. This paper also evaluates the activities that indicate Eastman chemicals as a learning organization. The analysis indicated that Eastman Chemical thus entail high degree of TQM practices and is thus considered to be the best by its customers, employees and suppliers. Introduction. Quality assurance has been a significant aspect throughout history. Since the Egyptian era till date quality concepts paved the way for development of quality management to Total Quality management. Thus it is important to understand what is Quality? Quality is a wide concept and can be viewed from different perceptive or criteria. As cited in Forker, L., Gravin, D.A., (1993) classified different viewpoints into five quality approaches. These are summarized in Table-I Approach Definition variables Underlying discipline Transcendent Product Based User Based Manufacturing Based Value Based Innate excellence Quantity of desired attributes Satisfaction of consumer preference Conformance of ...read more.


2 Experimentation with new approaches: Systematic searching for and testing new knowledge; motivated by opportunity and new perspectives and not by current difficulties. 3 Learning from their experiences and past history: A review of successes and failures; reflecting and self-analysis. 4 Learning from experiences and best practices of others: Benchmarking; looking outside the immediate environment; openness to the outside world; environmental scanning. 5 Transferring knowledge quickly and efficiently throughout the organization: Knowledge transferred quickly and efficiently throughout the organization; mechanisms in place to facilitate the process; written and oral reports; site visits; tours; rotation programmes; education and training programmes. Thus a learning organization is one, which continuously learns and develops the potential in all the people/allies/trading partners who work with the company along with self-development of the as a whole organization, including the integration of each individual's learning with that of the company as a whole. As according to Senge (1990) Learning organization is one, which "facilitates the learning of all its members and continuously transforms itself" as cited in Mile Terziovski, et.el (2000) Eastman Chemical Company: A Total Quality and a Learning organization Founded in 1920, Eastman Chemical Company employs 18,000 people. Manufactures and markets over 400 chemicals, fibers and plastics for its 7000 customers around the world. ...read more.


It developed links with its customers, employees and suppliers to lean from experience within and outside the organization. Eastman developed a company wide awareness and communication program, which ensured shared vision, innovation and teamwork. It uses a tool "Translate and link" to communicate its objectives and receive feedback to have a shared vision to achieve high level of customer satisfaction. Eastman critically views learning and improvement and implies it every activity and process to be the world's proffered chemical company. In addition to its strong customer ties, Eastman is equally proud of its community links and has made environmental concern as a TQM priority. Eastman assures responsibility for health, safety, and environmental protection by being good stewards of their products and services. The way TQM has no end, it a continuous process of learning and improvement, so does Eastman Chemical quality journey has no end and no conclusion. But the case study concludes that Eastman Chemical has quality practice in place for each and every aspect of their business and have a strong management focus on leadership, customer focus, human resource management information analysis, process management and business results with a strong integrated relationship between all of them. Eastman displays a clear understanding that how important is each aspect is to the contribution to Quality as a whole. ...read more.

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