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Describe how customer service can be monitored and evaluated investigate a range of organisations

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Describe how customer service can be monitored and evaluated - investigate a range of organisations Organisation Method used to monitor customer satisfaction What is done with the results to provide the best possible customer service? Examples of how customer satisfaction is monitored Nandos Informal Customer Feedback Customers are asked during there meal if they are enjoying there meal. Any problems are dealt with straight away for example a problem with the food is given straight to the chef and any problems with service is given to the managers. ...read more.


The questionnaires can also be used to identify areas were the students feel they are receiving good customer service This questionnaire is done on a yearly basis and all information is given to every member of staff to show to show them the areas that they need to improve also it show them areas were they are providing good customer service Hair Studio Showing Customers back of the head using the mirror The barber will ask the customer if he is happy with is hair cut and show him his hair. ...read more.


Hilton Hotel Guest book/comment card All Hilton hotels have a guest book were they can express how satisfied they were for the stay this information is then shared between staff to show them areas were they need to improve for example a customer may say that the room was dirty and this information will be passed on to the cleaners. This is Monitored by asking every customer if they have enjoyed there stay. They can also monitor customer satisfaction by checking how many customers make positive customers and how many customers who leave comments return in the future ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC FIRST DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS - TASK P4 The- Name:-__ ______________________ ...read more.

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