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Describe how Tescos and an academy communicate with their customers.

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Tesco Computers: Tesco uses the internet to allow their customers to shop in the freedom of their own homes. This is important to Tesco because it widens its range of customers such as people who don?t live near a Tesco store or elderly people who don?t have the mobility compatibility to visit a Tesco store can now be able to shop at Tesco through online shopping, so it is important Tesco uses the internet to gain more customers. TV: Tesco use TV commercials to advertise there brand. They do this by having catchy slogan like ?every little helps? this is a good way attract customers and keep there attention. The information will be written on the screen in a way so the viewer can spot it out easily. Tesco will need to take TV advertisement seriously as it generates a lot of customers and reaches out to a wider audience. The advert will need to be colourful so that the target audience will know whether the advert will be dull or entertaining. The main idea about TV commercial is to get the information out there. On-screen presentation: On-screen presentation means that the presentation is shown to the audience from a electronic screen via a computer or projector screen. The information can be done as a video clip, sound and images. ...read more.


The details is going to be in written form on the side of the television screen as well as that they are going to have pupils from the Academy speaking about their Academy as well as that the activities which have occurred or activities which are going to be occurring. The colour is very attractive for the young children as well as for the adults which is going to inspire them to have a look. Computers: Washwood Heath Academy is going to be sharing its information on the web. So if there was any new course introduced then it is going to be shared on the internet. The data could be type of text, graphics, animation, audio and video. All of the basic information or detail about the Academy is going to be available on the web which is also going to include the Academies policies the registration policies. On the web all images which are relevant to Academy are also going to be available on the web. So if there was a new activity taking place within the Academy then this is also going to be shared on the web. All of the details of the course are going to be provided on the internet for the individuals to be able of being aware. ...read more.


Washwood Heath Academy are going to be using the email method so they are capable of contacting the main admin during the day for anything such as if there was a student missing then they are going to be informing the student?s head of year. If there is any holiday then the teachers are going to be informed about it through the email service. Social Media Washwood Heath Academy could be able to produce their own page on the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so the people are able to join it. Washwood Heath Academy is going to be able to promote on Facebook. Washwood Heath Academy is going to have all of the basic details required by the people about their Academy through the social media sites. Washwood Heath Academy is going to be able to ask the students for feedback on their style of teaching and if any students want to contact the Academy through other sources of contact could be supplied. Washwood Heath Academy is going to be able to speak about their new amenities available to the pupils and others. Washwood Heath Academy is going to have images of Academies students on Facebook and if someone wants to check them out and the pictures of all of the latest activities could be shared on the Facebook. ...read more.

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