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Describe how three external factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected organisations and their stakeholders. Tescos and Victim Support.

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Describe how three external factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected organisations and their stakeholders. The term meaning external factors are the variety of events that affect the business outside of the organisation. Although these factors do not control the organisation they still have a effect on how the business is run, what their aims and objectives are and how successful the business is. Government &Laws Demand (trend) Costs Environmental issues Global events Competition Definition of P.E.S.T Political- How the local, national, and international developments could affect the organisation and in what ways this could happen. Economical- Nationally and internationally environmental issues that could affect the organisation Social- Social and developing trends that an organisation might use or operate for future planning. Technological- The various types of new technology can put impact on a competitive advantage with other organisations. Political factors These political factors are laws and regulations that are made by the government that could affect the business or organisation (legislations.) ...read more.


Economical Factors: Tesco- Tesco would need to ensure that they are playing their employees the right and same amount of money as each other unless a member of staff was ranked higher e.g. manager this liaises on with legislation-Equal opportunity as they must withhold paying their employees at least a minimum wage of �5.50 per hour. Completion can play a big part of Tesco as they would need to ensure that they keep up-to-date with competitors and be the leading number one supermarket. Tesco's competitors are ASDA, Morison, Sainsbury's etc. Social factors: Tesco- Socially Tesco must need to do their market research on the area where they are. So they are meeting the demands of the customers such as the local Leytonstone, as this is a diverse area they have products from Asian cultures and more recently Polish foods due to the high number of people coming overseas to the UK. If they know their market they are likely to sell more meaning more profit. ...read more.


As for competitive pressures they are not in competition with other charity organisation although they are in competition to receive the most money by the government rather than other organisations. Social factors: Victim Support- The social factors of Victim Support would be the fund raising social events and cultural events held in order to raise money for their organisation. Technological factors: Victim Support-Technological factors can only affect Victim Support by a certain extent as they must ensure they can get the best advertisements by internet or other resources, functional activity by holding events by using the latest of technology. These changes by using PEST can provide an opportunity for development by an organisation and company, as they can develop and create a good image. The impact on stakeholders The stakeholders of a business or organisation can be affected by external changes that are made such as the growing environmental awareness and the change in people being more health conscious. Stake holders play a major part in the changes of strategies that a business makes. The attitudes of stakeholders are evolved around the political, social, economic, and technological environment. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page | 1 ...read more.

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