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Describe the aims & objectives of the school.

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Emily Robinson- STRAND A A1 Describe the aims & objectives of the school Aims and Objectives are goals that you intend to achieve by the end of the year. An aim is an important target that helps you achieve your own goal that you give yourself by the end of the lesson and to achieving your mission. An objective is a small scale goal that helps you achieve your aim it also helps you understand your aim for the lesson and to help you get a good grade for your work. This means you are setting yourself a really good challenge then you should have something to work for and something to achieve. The main aims for the school are: * Raise attainment at KS4 * Raise attainment in core subjects/ * Improve contextual value, by adding scores in line with the national average or better * Raise school profile in the community * Improve attendance The main objective for the school is to increase GCSE by 10% each year so students can learn to their best of their own ability at KS4 and the same with the core subjects. The school could provide after school booster lessons so that students can learn a bit more so they can work towards achieving their objective that they set themselves each year. School wants students to work how they want to work and to achieve what they want to achieve so they wont be disappointed when the get their results. Another objective is to try and persuade students to come to school at least 90% each year as the students would benefit from this, if students arrived on time then the school could reward them with prizes or improve the prizes so that the students would like to try and be rewarded with that prize. Raising school profile would help encourage students to be proud of which school they go to as they could help advertise the school. ...read more.


After the terminal is built the operations department would do all the running of the new resource. The three departments work together well because they correspond with each other in different and effective ways for example face to face like in meetings this is good because you can get your point across better and can influence people. Also the three departments must work together because if they didn't the business wouldn't work together effectively. If the three departments didn't work together the departments would suffer and the airport as a whole would suffer. There would be no communication amongst the departments, causing Manchester Airport to lose out to surrounding competitors. STRAND C C1 Describe the how oral communication is used in the school with examples There are many different types of oral communication within the school, such as a parent/ teacher interview known as Performance Review Day (PRD). It has a significant use of communication as it is quick and efficient. This is one of the main communications in school. Teaching can become a two way communication, meaning the students will give good feedback to the teacher, by asking questions or taking part in the lesson. The oral way is an informal communication. The advantages of PRD, parents evening and in lesson communication is that everyone knows what they are doing and parents know how well their child/ren are doing in school. A disadvantage would be that if it is long message it would be easier to write down instead of verbal. Another way of oral communication is in assemblies, this also has a significant use of communication as it has to inform and advise students. This kind of communication is used to inform people about incoming events that are going to happen. E.G. informing students those things may or may not take place, this can sometimes be formal or informal. The advantages of assemblies are that everyone is being informed on a horizontal flow communication. ...read more.


D2 Explain the impact of a change in environmental conditions in on the school The impact of a change in environmental conditions can be either bad or good. Climate change can affect Bruntcliffe School because at the minute climate change is a big worry because they change every so often. The local environment plays a big part on Bruntcliffe School as that's where they get their students from. Bruntcliffe School wants to be friends with the community for the ongoing noise coming from and around the school. They could get complaints from the public and from very local residents. Bruntcliffe School could also encourage the public to recycle as this could decrease the amount of things such as plastic thrown away each year Bruntcliffe school could help the public to recycle by providing bins. Businesses could help by recycling and by being environmentally aware. Live earth could help by increasing global awareness and having sponsors. The government could increase taxes to try and reduce pollution. The public could help by advertising and by using public transport and by recycling D3 Suggest & justify responses to changes in environmental conditions on the school To make the environmental conditions at the school better they could use full air conditioning in the classrooms, this would help the students concentrate better instead of working in a hot sweaty room. Another suggestion I could make is that the school could increase the amount of recycling and reduce the amount of waste they don't use. They could also encourage the students to walk to school, this would reduce the amount of noise pollution and are pollution and it will also increase the amount of exercise the students will get. They could also make parents understand that when they pick their child up from school that they cause congestion and also the amount of noise pollution and to improve this, the school could put cones or yellow lines around the school preventing the parents so they cannot access the ground to pick their child up. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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