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Describe The Different Types Of Rcruitment Documentation Used By A Business.

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´╗┐TREVON MENGOT UNIT 2: BUSINESS RESOURCES DUE: IN THIS ASSIGNMENT I AM GOING TO DESCRIBE THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF RESOURCES THAT BUINESSES NEEDS BY WRITING WHAT THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY ARE USED FOR IN THE BUSINESS. RECRUITMENT DOCUMENTATION Recruitment documentation is a document that is given out by a company when they are hiring for staffs that are skilled enough for a specific job vacancies. There are different kinds of recruitment documentations for example curriculum vitae (CV), job description, person specification, application form and letter of application. JOB DESCRIPTION: A job description is to give information to the applying candidates telling the candidates of the purposes which the job comes with and the type of responsibilities and duties that would be expected from the job. ...read more.


A person specification gives a list of requirements a person needs to have obtained which relates to the job. It normally has an introduction at the start giving details about the job and responsibilities whom the employee needs to report to and it then detail attributes that the organisation wants a person with e.g. high intelligence level and personality APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: AN APPLICATION DOCUMENTS CONSISTS OF THREE WHICH ARE: LETTERS, APPLICATION FORM AND CURRICULUM VITAE (CV). APPLICATION FORM Application forms ask for a standard set of questions and boxes to be completed. This makes it easier for the organisation to compare the candidates. The forms ask questions that the employer need to know questions to not irrelevant information on the paper which is not needed. ...read more.


Applicants can use letters to highlight what their special skills are and attributes they think is suitable for the job role. CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) A CV is a two paper sheet that contains all the applicants? details including education, work history and referees. This allows the organisation to see if the applicant has any skills for the job and to know what the applicants has been up to but cvs only focuses on the positive aspects of an applicant so it?s hard to compare candidates. Cvs can be used to apply for so many jobs so may not be specific to a particular role which is important to review regularly and make sure it?s up to date and adapt to a particular job if they really want it. ...read more.

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