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Describe the main job roles and functions in Toys'R' us.

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Unit 4 ? People in Organisations P1 P1 - describe the main job roles and functions in an organisation The main job roles within an organisation are Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Operatives. The job role for the director will be basically the one who manages the business right at the top. However doesn?t necessarily own the business so meaning the director can get sacked by senior shareholders in the business. ...read more.


The job role for the manager in Toys r s will be checking performance of the employees also managing the stores they are in charge of. Also the manager?s job role will be below the directors meaning the manger will take orders from the directors and these orders will have to be obeyed. Other roles the manager faces are setting targets for the employees, motivating the staff, problem solving and also in worst case scenarios dismissing staff. ...read more.


Some of these job roles may include allocating work to certain employees and also checking if the work has be done. In Toys r us the supervisors will do the job roles mentioned above. The operatives in businesses take on the tasks that will include day to day general work or clerical duties. These duties may include completing tasks set by supervisors or managers. In Toys r us the operatives look after stock, check if the stock is topped up also deal with customers. Also the operatives will serve customers on a day to day basis as Toys r us sell products and have to serve the customers. ...read more.

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