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Describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected business.

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Describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected business. My business idea is creating a 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath which have unique scents which include kiwi and lime, and also pineapple and passion fruit. Physical Resources The physical resources of the business idea will include the building. There will need to be an industrial warehouse located on an industrial estate on the outskirts of a large town or city. The location of the warehouse will need to be placed where there is good infrastructure for easy distribution all over the country, such as good road networks and a railway line nearby. When looking to buy or rent the premises they will need to ensure the building is of good standard this could be done by a surveyor who could be brought in to check the building is safe and doesn't need a lot of repair, which will ensure the business can set up almost straight away without needing to spend extra money on the building. ...read more.


There will need to be a range of different machinery for the different jobs; these include a special machine to mix the products, a machine to produce the finished products and a machine to package the products, there will also need to be different machines for each of the different scents being produced. Computers and other IT technology will need to be installed, there will need to be computers to control the machines, and also computers will be needed in order to place restocking orders to make sure that there is enough stock readily able to use so there is always a continuous production. The managers will also need computers to be able to do the financial and marketing side of the business. There will need to be a range of raw materials; these include sodium chloride, a preservative, fragrance and cocamidoproyl betaine. There will need to be a just in time (JIT) production for the raw materials to make sure you make the right amount of stock to be sent out but not too much that it needs to be stored. ...read more.


The building will need to be checked by the architecture then they'll be able to do drawings and designs of the things that needs to be done on the building that is going to be used for the business. The product will need to be patented in order to protect the distinct scents and the way they are made so nobody else can use them. The name of the product will need to be trademarked in order to protect anyone else taking that name and the brand logo. The computers will need to have specialist software installed onto them to be able to complete the stock orders and also to control the machines. For the managers software such as Microsoft office will need to be installed onto the computers for everyday use. Employees using the computers and machinery will need to be trained before using them in order to be able to function them properly, this may be internal training on showing the employees how to use the different machines but also external training may need to be use on how to use the computers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2 - Business Resources P3 Millie Taylor ...read more.

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