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Describe the management styles and cultures present within the business

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E4 Describe the management styles and cultures present within the business The four management styles. Autocratic management this is where they the manager will issue instructions and give the staff orders, this gives the staff little chance to give their own opinion and ask the manager questions or even discuss things with him or her. The manager doesn't know his staff very well and wont make many attempts to get to know them. Because of this the staff don't see them selves as team members. Democratic management this is where that he or she is the leader of the team but they are also a team member and has to do the same work as everyone else. The team members liked to be involved in group discussions and decision making. The team leader will encourage his team to participate and help each team member to reach his or her potential goal. Consultative management's where the manger often appears to be more democratic than he is or she really is. ...read more.


Terry Leahy is the managing director and is very lenient. He will visit the stores and talk to all the staff. His style of management is Democratic as he recognises that he is the leader but likes to be involved with the rest of the staff as he is interested with the team and like's to see how the staff are doing. Andy thought this was unusual as the other managing directors in the past were very autocratic and often the visits were treated as Royal visits. The recruitment of staff is a mixture of both democratic and autocratic. Head office autocratically set how much can be spent on the staff and also the hours of pay, but they allow each stores personnel manager and store manager how they would like to spend it. This can be full-time and part-time staff. Because they tell the people applying for the job what they want from a worker and they also don't know the people. ...read more.


This type of culture is at Tesco. Tesco number one objective is the customers and try to satisfy them with their every need. They will try giving the customers the best product's possible. Technological culture, this will emphasise and focus on the development of technological excellence. All the ideas from any member of the business will be positively encouraged. This type of culture is at Tesco because they will try and have all the new technology available to them, for example they have all the new tills, price guns tannoys and internet shopping. Person culture is where the managers and staff will support each other's progress threw the business and their development. This type of management is at Tesac's because they have team five and take ten, they like to know how the staff are improving with their skills and if they are learning any new skills so they become multi- skilled. Tesco also like to know if their staff are feeling O.K and that their general life style is OK Role culture, This is where someone will Matthew Jarman ...read more.

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