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Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of Help for Heroes and Topshop.

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Help for heroes is a charitable company that was founded by Byrn and Emma Parry in 2007, they started Help for Heroes. They raise money for the servicemen returning from war, in Afghanistan and Iraq. Help for heroes have 5 different campaigns that have been done , these are; swimming pool complex at Headley court, Relative?s houses at Headly Court and Selly Oak hospital, battle back, troop aid, combat stress and the patients welfare fund. They are a national company based in England only. ...read more.


Help for Heroes have about 250 employees worldwide Help for Heroes is a tertiary business and the purpose of the business is to help wounded service men and women through donations and fundraising, the ownership of Help for Heroes is a partnership, owned by Bryn Parry and Emma Parry. The mission statement for Help for Heroes is ?Help for Heroes supports any serviceman or woman who has been either wounded in conflict or injured in training since 2001. We are raising millions of pounds to create facilities to help their rehabilitation and support existing service charities to deliver the expertise needed.? Help for ...read more.


They are an International company with flagship stores in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. The Topshop in Oxford Street is the world?s largest fashion store it is roughly about 90,000 square feet and covers five floors, it attracts 30,000 customers a day. Topshop is a tertiary company; the purpose of the business is to sell fashionable clothes and accessories to the younger age group (15-25). Topshop is a company owned by the Arcadia group so it?s a PLC. As Topshop is a PLC, they have limited liability, and they would only lose the money that they put into the company. ...read more.

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