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Determination of Wages

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Introduction Wages for people in different jobs vary a lot. So throughout this coursework I will try to answer the question: 'Does your wage depend entirely on your qualifications?' To answer the question I will have to look at different jobs and how much the employees earn in those jobs. I will also need to look at whether the people who earn more than others earn more because they have better qualifications than what the others do. Qualifications A job may want an employee to have vocational qualifications to show that they already a little bit about the job they want. A job may also want an employee to have academic qualifications which may be of practical use in the job it may also indicate the person has the ability to learn new tasks and ideas. Academic qualifications can be achieved by studying in school to gain GCSE's or A levels. If you decide to go to university you can gain a degree in a subject and your wages may depend on it. Jobs that require qualifications Some jobs require qualifications and some jobs require skill. By going to school you will receive qualifications e.g. GCSE's and A levels (if you carry on with school for the sixth form). ...read more.


Demand Not all jobs rely on qualifications to employ for example footballers get paid a great amount in the Premiership and abroad but quite often have no qualifications. There is a great demand for professional footballers and so the clubs negotiate high wages with the players. This kind of demand usually depends on the skills the person has. Other sportsmen and women can also demand high wages so can actors and singers. See the supply and demand graph in the appendix (fig.2) The graph shows that the better an employee is the more they get paid, this applies to footballers for example David Beckham. If a person is in demand because of their skill or other reasons then their wage may increase. It may increase because if they do not have the right people in the job the business may fail. The high wage or increase in wage encourages that person to stay with the company for a longer amount of time. Experience Job experience is important to employers when they are trying to recruit employees because you are more likely to know what you are doing so you can do your job well if you have experience. If you have experience you are more likely to do well in the job than if you have had no experience because you know how businesses work. ...read more.


We know that some employers discriminate because people still don't get equal pay for equal pay and in some cases people find it hard to be employed because of prejudice. See the table in appendix (fig.1) Conclusion Throughout the coursework I have tried to answer the question I was set. I have come to a conclusion that your wage does not depend entirely on your qualifications. There are many other factors that effect your wages and I have discussed the majority of them. There is experience and status in a company that can be linked because if you have a high status in a company and have worked your way up over quite a few years you are obviously going to have experience. There is a demand for people with certain skills and these people can demand high wages as they are in demand and there are very few of people alike them. There is productivity so if you have been working hard in a week and have sold a lot as a result as this you may receive a reward. There is also discrimination, which may effect your wage in a bad way. In many companies qualification will effect your wage and they will always help you when you are searching for a job, as more employers are willing to take you aboard. Qualifications are a major factor when it comes to wages but they are not the only factor. ...read more.

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