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Developing customer relations

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Developing customer relations Internal customers Internal customers are the staff or employees that is needed to operate the business such as managers, supervisors etc. Internal customers are depended on each other to do their work. E.g. to complete the task of a supervisor the work team under him/her must be able to do their work or if an employee cannot provide the correct information, then it should be referred to a colleague. ...read more.


He/she would expect his subordinates to follow his instructions or orders and respect him/her. The supervisor would expect to get a good salary. He/she will be expected to motivate the employees. Manager A manager is one who handles and controls or directs the management of an organisation. A manger would operate on a higher level than a supervisor. A manager would need to know about the business he is working in and organize and set the rules of business accordingly. ...read more.


Some examples of external customers are: Special needs Customers with special needs would expect help from the employees and provide wheel chairs and shopping carts. They would need chairs, toilets and also wide lifts. Business customer Some organisations deal with some or only business customers. They will have precise needs and expect straightforward and prompt responses, no matter how complex. The employees might need to act more professionally towards such customers. ...read more.

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