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developing customer releationships

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222222222222222222222222222222222222 Task 1 Customer 1: Family Families come to Disneyland to enjoy their vacation and to forget about their daily life. They take time off from their daily life to enjoy the magical experience. Most families would go around watching the parades and try all the different rides. Parents usually take their children to all the Disney characters and get them to sit by them and take photographs or they get the Disney characters to sign an autograph. If there is a baby with the family they can take the baby to the baby centre and change it or feed it or they can also hire a pram. The older children would demand for fast food and other treats which would be sold at McDonalds, burger king, pizza hut or little stands which sell ice cream and all sorts of other junk food. Needs: The five basic needs are water, food, clothes, shelter, and warmth. A family that goes to Disneyland needs food and water because it will provide them with energy and will keep them alive. They need shelter to protect them from bad weather. Clothes are a very big need because they need something to keep them warm. ...read more.


they will need shelter to protect them from bad weather so it is necessary that Disneyland a provide a hall or a place indoors where the conference can take place. Wants: The business associates may have a list of wants. One example of a want that a business associate may want is access to the internet. They may want nice comfy chairs to sit on. When the business associates are speaking or doing a presentation they will want the other business associates to listen rather then talking to each other. The associates will want to be treated with respect and they will want the conference to be taken in a luxuries hall. Task 2 Good customer service will benefit customers in many different ways because good customer service keeps customers happy and they do not have to complain about anything. Example 1 : If a customer at Disney land goes to a resturant, he/she will expect the food that they have orderd to be fresh, clean and cooked. Also they would want the food to be brought to them as quick as possible. If all of these customer services are fullfilled then the customer will benefit in many diffrent ways. ...read more.


This will benefit the business as more and more customers would come along. The more customers the business has the more profit it will make Example 2: If a caf´┐Ż has a box where the customer can post there complaints or suggest new ideas then this will benefit the business. The customers will have their say also it will benefit the business because they will know what the customers want and they can make improvements to their business which will attract more customers. This can only make the business grow and bring in new ideas. Example 3: Most people come to Disney land by plane. For example if a group of passengers went on British airways they would expect the customer service to be good. Most people would expect the air hostesses to be polite, friendly, helpful, and to provide good customer service. If the air hostesses provide passengers with this type of service then the airline will benefit. The passengers that went on the plane which provided good customer service would most likely choose the same plane when they go on their next holiday. Passengers that flew on British airways would recommend the airline to other people. This is beneficial for the business as it brings in more and more passengers making British airways grow with profit. ...read more.

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