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Development of a coherent marketing mix.

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Development of a coherent marketing mix The marketing mix distinguishes exchange between buyers and sellers. There are four main groups in the marketing mix and they are: - * Product * Pricing * Place * Promotion The tuck shop needs to know what product and services they have to offer their customers. A questionnaire was given out to the 6th form students asking them which products they would prefer in the tuck shop. The questionnaire was designed to find out the needs of the students. Using the questionnaire I can find out what products are most likely to sell. As the tuck shop is only going to be a little business we will only be able to stock a limited range of products. Using the questionnaire I have come up with some products which are most likely to sell in the tuck shop and they are: - * Coke-Cola - can * Fanta - can * Coke-cola - bottle * Lilt - bottle * Mars bar * Kit - Kat * Twix * Salt and Vinegar - crisps * Cheese and onion - crisps * Galaxy caramel * Fruit gums * Tuna sandwiches * Cheese and tomato All the products above are very popular with the 6th form students. This is quite a small range so I am going to add a few more products that are quite popular and that I think the tuck shop could make a reasonable profit on. ...read more.


In simple terms, physical distribution involves getting a product from A to B. Physical distribution management is an important part of the marketing mix. It helps an organisation meet customer needs profitably and efficiently. In doing so it enables manufacturers and distributors to provide goods for customers at the right time, in the right place and in the condition required. Physical distribution must balance the need for customer service against the need to minimise costs. This does not really apply to the tuck shop because we would physically collect our goods straight from the wholesaler. Another problem is that we have only limited storage space for the goods of the tuck shop, but we would be temporally be able to put it in the business office in the 6th form until we find a permanent place for our goods. The goods will be transferred from the manufacturer to the wholesaler then to the tuck shop and finally to the customer which are the 6th form students. Location This has become increasingly important in recent years. Low-price stores frequently choose locations where business rates and other site costs are at a minimum. In contrast large organisations that sell expensive products are in the town centre on a busy road to ensure people are interested in what they sell and that they can hopefully sell some of their stock. ...read more.


They are designed to inform students of the opening times and special offers that the tuck shop has on. Provision of customer service Providing good quality customer services has become very important in today's market place because each business wants to keep customer loyalty. Customer services are to do with forming a bond between the business and the consumer. If a bond is formed the customer will be loyal to the company and this would benefit both the customer and the business. The marking research I have done affects the marketing strategy in a number of ways. The questionnaire that was conducted earlier effects the marketing strategy a lot. From that I now know what products are more popular then others and what the customers expect from the tuck shop. My research also suggests strong brand loyalty by the students is very important and that the tuck shop will have to stock popular brands for customer satisfaction. Although the research conducted at the beginning is quit accurate it may still be wrong because it only accounts for a certain part of the 6th form. To reassure this when the tuck shop finally opens we can ask everyone who comes to it and see if they would like to see any other products on sale in the tuck shop. It would also be a good idea for the staff of the tuck shop to find new products to sell in the tuck shop which would constantly meet and exceed customer expectations. ...read more.

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