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Different methods of advertising

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Different Methods of Advertising Television Advertising In the recent years almost all types of businesses are moving towards the television advertising at a rapid pace. As we all know more than ninety percent of the house holds now have the television sets and out of them more than ninety percent have the satellite cable connection attached to them. So, there is a great chance to attract so many people from the television advertising. There are even some channels which are dedicated to television advertising. How ever, in the last few years there is lot of buzz around about the television advertising. The television audience is getting really frustrated with the untimely and lengthy advertisements, which they can't really avoid. With all these frustration which is creeping up in the minds of the TV watching people, the advertisements are not getting the intended amount of customers from the television advertising. Hence this controversial television advertising has to be made in some other way so that it benefits both the advertisers and viewers. Telemarketing Telemarketing is one of the most effective means to increase sales. But it can be counterproductive, if not done properly. Here are some important telemarketing strategies to enhance your business prospects. ...read more.


It is cheaper than television ads and more attractive than print. It is the most preferred medium of advertising for local small businesses. Word of Mouth Word-of-mouth marketing, this encompasses a variety of subcategories. Because of the personal nature of the communications between individuals, it is believed that product information communicated in this way has an added layer of credibility. The receiver of word-of-mouth referrals tends to believe that the communicator is speaking honestly and is unlikely to have an ulterior motive. It builds reputation for the firm. Newspaper Newspapers are a compulsion nowadays in most houses. This means that there is broad market coverage. This type of advertising is easy to access. The advertisements can be catered according to the visibility of the advertisement wanted by the firm. Colors can be added in order to attract the customer the customers to stop on the page and read the ad! Other psychological reasons are; people believe what they read! Coupons can be attached to the newspapers which will very much be an effective motivational method. Car Signs Putting up signs on cars and other vehicles is quite cost effecting. In fact, it is only a one-time cost. The car signs are visible at all times. ...read more.


While abiding within the legal limits of the court of law, banners can be printed in enormous formats, within a vibrant rich range of full colors. For individuals within a budget, the parameters of a single side banners is a possibility, which is beneficial when dealing with mass production, or to reach an intended quantity. Banners can be found plastered behind a window screen, as a billboard, atop skyscrapers to being emblazoned as a blimp's or planes attachment or accessory when routing across communities. Sponsorship Advertising A subtle method of advertising is an approach in which marketers pay, or offer resources and services, for the purpose of being seen as a supporter of an organization's event, program or product offering (e.g., section of a website). Sponsorships are intended not to be viewed a blatant advertisement and in this way may be appealing for marketers looking to establish credibility with a particular target market. However, many sponsorship options lack the ability to tie spending directly to customer response. Additionally, the visibility of the sponsorship may be limited to relatively small mentions especially if the marketer is sharing sponsorship with many other organizations. Cost of the advertising through various media. Advertising Methods Cost Radio SMS Billboards Electric Signs Word of Mouth Cinema 2623964 Newspaper Yellow Pages Legal Constraints concerning advertising in the U.A.E Graph depicting the most common advertising methods in UAE. ...read more.

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