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Different types of business documents and communications

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Assignment 1.1- understanding the purpose of different document types Tasks 1a) short formal documents One example of a short formal document is a business card. Structure The structure of a business card is usually always the same. It will always display the company logo and company name, it will always have names addresses and contact numbers and will sometimes have a small piece of text information and/or list about the services the company provides. Purpose The purpose of a business card is that it can be shared during formal introductions as a convenience and as a memory aid. A business card typically includes the giver's name, the company name (usually with logo) and contact information such as street addresses, telephone number(s), email addresses and website address. Business cards nearly always have an eye-catching image which would usually relate to the business criteria e.g. vets - dog, cat, and syringe. Extended formal document An example of an extended formal document is a business letter. Purpose A business letter is written in a formal language, usually used when writing from one business organization to another, or for correspondence between such organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties. Business letters are required in many other situations from applying for jobs to requesting and delivering information. Structure Sender's address (top right) Date (above senders address) Receiver's address (left and slightly lower) Salutation or Greeting Main text Complimentary closing Signature, printed name Graphical document - illustration Purpose An illustration is visualization such as a photo, drawing or a painting that stresses the subject more than text form. ...read more.


For our company launch party on the 4th October, I would like you to organise the following: * Tea and biscuits ready for 2.00pm * Music to be provided by a DJ from 2.00pm to 6.00pm * Buffet and champagne ready for 3.00pm * Guests to be given company pen and mouse mat I look forward to seeing you at the party. Yours sincerely John Bodgit Managing Director 2a) Structured and unstructured A structured document might be a business letter. It is structured because it has got a common form. It is always made up with paragraphs, it sometimes contains tables, charts, diagrams that further explain the subject or the topic and it always contains the following: * sender's address (top right ) * Date (above senders address) * Receiver's address (left and slightly lower) * Salutation or Greeting * Main text * Complimentary closing * Signature, printed name An example of an unstructured document is an IM (instant message). IM are unstructured because they don't have to be set out in a certain way, it doesn't have to have paragraphs, the information is structured too as it is always put in chronological order and formatted in a way that makes the information easier to understand and structured information is always straight to the point and clearly explained 2b: The differences between structured and unstructured are: Structured information has a common form Unstructured information has not got a common form Structured information is usually always laid out in paragraphs Unstructured information is usually never ...read more.


Magazines sometime test out the latest gadgets and computer games, review it and give them a rating; they also review films that have just been released on DVD or latest movies that have arrived to the cinema. A magazine is a good source of information if you need to find out the latest gossip and latest reviews. A poster is a of non-ICT source of information. A poster is usually advertising something such as a concert or a disco. It tells you who the band is it sometimes tells you what sort of songs they'll be performing and a list of information such as, where the concert will be held, prices, terms and conditions, numbers to call if you need more information and numbers to call if you wish to book a ticket. 2e: Ways of checking validity One way of checking validity is by cross referencing. To cross reference find three or more documents from different sources and check if they all have the same information. If they do there's a pretty good chance of that information being valid. Also you make sure the information is valid by checking whether the source is reliable for example: WWW.WIKIPEDIA.COM isn't a reliable source as the content can be edited by anyone. A dictionary or textbook however is a reliable source as they are used primarily for learning and must provide valid information and there is no way of editing the content once published. BTEC ICT Assignment 1.1 Nick Farrant ...read more.

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