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Discuss the benefits of internet marketing to Virgin

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´╗┐Crushendae Campbell Srabanti Ray Assignment 2 task 1 The benefits of internet marketing Virgin The benefits Global Visibility - Using the internet virgin is able to create a web page for their company. This allows customer and potential customers and billions of people can visit from all over the globe which increase their customer base. Promotion of new product - Using the internet virgin can put out new offers and promotion that they have, where many people can see and but also they are able to see if the products are making it in the marketing world by the sales that it got but also the ratings that it receives. 24 hour service - Virgin are able to use the internet to keep their productivity going at all times whether night or day. This is great for their company because it gives the impression that the do care about their customers by creating a service which will be open to them whenever suitable. Increase in sales and profit ? Virgin believe that having a website where they are able to promote new service gain customers and this will increase their sales and profit as there are billions of people that will be able to visit the web page. Corporate image ? using the Internet can increase their corporate image as they will be seen by millions of people across the world and probably be trust worthy and then they will be seen as a brand that customers respect as they can provide goods, where they can access it. ...read more.


From the pictures below Virgin also helps them to decide to where they would want to go by showing them inspiration section. As you can see from the pictures above there are web exclusive offers on now at Virgin which customer would not be able to take advantage if they were go in stores. Using the internet is a great of finding out information which will benefit both the company and the customers. P6 The challenges that come to businesses that use the internet as a marketing tool are: ? Technology The problem with technology is that it is always changing and becoming more advanced, whether it is too look better or to gain the attention of more people. With the internet it will always change as there are billions of people that use the internet every day. If the process of which the computer are used or changed, the people that works for the company of Virgin will have to be trained all over again to know the knowledge behind the computer. This will lead to costing the company money to put their employees on a training scheme, so technology is something that many business need to look out for. ? Managing work When using the internet for marketing tool can be very intensive at moments. For Virgin as it online-based company, they will have to deal with heavy criticism, feedback from customers, this can included compliments and even complains. So keeping up with what the customer?s desire can be a very difficult task as everyone would have different opinions and views of the way things should be functioned. ...read more.


The disadvantages are that they could lose customer if they get frustrated if their question are not answered fast enough when they need it. ? Trust worthy Trust will be a tremendous challenge for any organisation as they would have to reassure their customer that they are safe when it comes to payment process. Customer will not use their card details on their site if there is not a padlock or some kind of surety that their website is safe. Virgin can have problems with this as there people from all over the world that will not trust their safe as they don?t feel safe as it is not a service that operates in their country. The disadvantage of this that they will lose customers and potential customer and this would have an effect on their customer database; this will also lead to a decrease in their sales too, and this not too good for the anyone within the company ? Language Having the right language on a website is a very important element when having an online based website. As virgin is an online-based organisation, they have to make sure that the language that the website is in, everyone would be able to understand it or it could leading to them losing, thousands of customers. The disadvantage of this is that the company would lose customers from all over the world if they do not have the right language. The advantage of this is that, it would be an eye-opener for the company as they would offer language to choose from. ...read more.

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