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Discuss the characteristics of good information

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Discuss the characteristics of good information Good Information Valid ? valid data should be unbiased, representative and verifiable. Reliable - Good information should be reliable. Reliable information is accurate and can be used for what it is needed for. Reliable information is information that you can trust, for instance, gaining data from the government. Timely - Information should also be timely. Timely information is information that is in the correct time period. It?s important for information to be in the current time period; because if the business want to access certain documents, documents that are not relevant to that time will not be useful to the business and they won?t be able to do what they wanted to do. ...read more.


For example, if you were to issue a questionnaire which cost £500 pounds but you were able to use the information gained from it to raise profits by £2000, then this would be seen as cost effective. Sufficiently accurate - Good information will be sufficiently accurate. Accurate information helps a business make correct decisions. For example, if a sales department sent inaccurate sales figures to the finance department it may result in incorrect tax calculations and would put them into danger. Relevant data - It’s also vital for information to be relevant. Relevant information is information that is specifically related to your business needs. If a business was looking to cut costs they might look at their electricity bill and try to see where they could save money; this would be relevant information as they can use it to reduce their costs. ...read more.


From a source in which the user has confidence - It?s important to obtain information that is from a user that you have confidence in. gaining information from Wikipedia may not be seen as reliable as people can change the information on it. However, going to a certified website that is associated with the information you need would be reliable. It?s important to go for reliable information because it means you have a better chance of the information being correct. Understandable by the user - The information need to be understandable to the user. For instance, if a non-financial person wanted information about the sales for the last 3 years and you presented them with a complex set of figures taken from a database with no clear totals then they would not understand it. Therefore they wouldn?t be able to complete the work. ...read more.

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